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Ways of Earning Neopoints by smiley_all_day

In the Neopian bazaar, there are the Neopian shops. Every 10 minutes or so, they WILL restock. When they restock, there are often some items that you don’t see often, and those cost a LOT on the shop wizard. They are sold for very cheap at the Neopian bazzar shops though, so click on it and don’t haggle at all! If you get it, you often profit a lot! Even if you don’t want the item, buy it cheap and sell it at shop wiz price in your shop! You need to be very quick since the items are in great demand!

Pin the Tail on the Pteri is SOLD OUT!

Maybe you should haggle less 🙂
Usually the items that are not commonly seen, and are one in stock, then they are usually the ones that are cheap. But be careful! Sometimes, even if it doesn’t appear in the Neopia shops much, it still may be a a nonprofit. Most of the times however, you can earn a lot from this process. Once I bought an item for 600 that was worth more than 2,000 neopoints. – smiley_all_day

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