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Extreme Potato Counter Guide by LilPearlAngel

Here we have Extreme Potato Counter, which I’m guessing is really just an improved flash/shockwave/whatever-they’re-using-these-days version of ‘Potato Counter’ which is one of those Medievil games from Meridell.. Basically, on Potato Counter, slowly (or fast, depending on whether you’re using my comp or not) a number of pictures of potatoes (or what is supposed to be potatoes) will pop up on your screen and a yellow Kacheek (apparently called ‘Alton Moughbry’) will ask you ‘How many potatoes do I have??’ and you have to sit there counting the potatoes, then type in the number and click guess as fast as you can.. Hopefully gaining some NP. Not very much though, but then I don’t know, I guess it depends on how fast you can count.. Which is about 0.25 mph for me.. but according to Alton over here, I counted 58 potatoes correctly in 44 seconds, which means I win 30 NP! Oh the joy of having 30 NP! Ok so anyway… to Extreme Potato Counter, founded in February 2003 by PPT, and after much suspense to play the new game (waiting for the link to work), we were given a brief game guide of ‘just count the big brown pebbles while they are flying to the air and spinning’. So here is a more detailed guide to hopefully help you.

How hard can a game be where potatoes fly across the screen and you just have to count them? You can play it to decide. There are many ways to play this game, you can merely sit there with your eyes darting around the screen, watching the potatoes. Or you can point at them as you count them (with your mouse or your finger, but I suggest finger since some mouse can’t move around in time if they’re dirty). This game is made a little easier if you note which way the potato is flying from, that way it helps you to stop counting the same potato twice. When I first played this game, I was a little unsure which things were potatoes and which weren’t. Some of these appeared to be peeled or half peeled, some are strange “potatoey” colors (not green, or red, just random shades of brown). It can be quite confusing, but once you’ve played it a couple of times, you understand how it works. The first two levels are pretty easy, the potatoes are moderately slow and there normally aren’t any random objects (e.g. carrots) to confuse you. On level 3, the potatoes are a tiny bit faster, but there are more of them, coming in bundles. Sometimes, when it gets like this, it is helpful to say the numbers out loud. Level 4, the potatoes are getting faster, and you will see that carrots are starting to appear rapidly. It is of course easy to tell that they are not potatoes, as they are a bright golden color and different shape. But sometimes they can get in the way, and you can miss a potato or two because of the amazing acrobatics these carrots get up to. Sometimes I find myself staring at the screen, and my mind just counts the number of movements it sees coming onto the screen. Quite a simple and easy game, which is good if you’re quick, not a game you can get easily frustrated at, except if the potatoes skim off the screen in the blink of an eye (which they sometimes do around level 4.) The points you get after each round depends on how many potatoes you count and if you count correctly. So if you counted 7 potatoes, and that was right, then you get 7 points. These add up after each round. At the end, your final score is normally multiplied by 7, so you can get around 250 NP if you score over 35, not really a high scoring game, but if you play it 3 times (the max) you’re on your way to 1k. I hope this guide has been helpful and you being blinded by the dude’s glasses doesn’t effect your game performance! – LilPearlAngel

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