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Nimmo’s Pond Tips

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Mini guide

1. Try and nab the launch weapon. It fires fast (5 in the air at a time) and you don’t have to aim particularly well. I like it over the rapid weapon or spread weapon because it hits everything in between rotation moves. Also, it gets annoying if you shoot off 5 rapid bullets and they don’t hit anything.

2. To use this strategy, you will have to move around a bit, otherwise lily pads will enter the area you and where the bullets fall. Moving is ok, because if you start to move in one direction, you should turn all the way around and push gently. That way, the most you’ll be drifting is very very slowly, and sometimes you can even stop. At the end of each level you get repositioned into the center if you are off to the side anyways. This way you can also get all those flies instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Maths Nightmare Tips

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Pause the game
Submitted by- heartagramma
If you click on the blue thing in the window (to move it) it pauses the game (just like tug o war), so you can look what the question is and take your time to figure it out.

A few simple tips
Submitted by Julia
1.Choose the hardest level of difficulty that you can do.
2. Do the problems as they come down. Start with the bottom.
3.Have a calculator open when you play.

Random level good
Submitted by youngking
First thing you should have is a calculator. Yes, it’s cheating but who will know? Just have a simple calculator sitting next to your computer and when a complicated problem comes up, use it. It’s way faster than using a pencil and some paper, because there is a slight chance of getting it wrong. Something that had occurred when I tried this method was that I incorrectly entered the numbers of the problem, therefore I got the question wrong and had to do it again. So here’s a tip, push the buttons on your calculator hard and make sure you press it the desired time(s), and don’t miss a number.

Rink Runner Tips

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Mini guide

On the first level, basically just move around and collect the notes as fast as you can. It doesn’t matter how many steps you take on the first level.
On the second level, try catching 2 per jump since it isn’t very hard and there isn’t very much water.
On the third level it starts getting harder because you can only jump to the edges and inside the blocks of ice, try jumping from block to block or staying on the sides to pick up more than one at a time.
On the levels after 3, just jump from block to block trying to just catch 1 per jump. If you complete the level, wait until one of the blocks go to the right hand side. Why, you may ask? Because I missed a lot of the notes because they always go up and down and turn red before I can even touch them.

Advert Attack Tips

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Good tips to do well in the game

If you can’t or don’t like using full screen mode minimize all other windows. This will make it easier to make your game window active if you accidentally click off it. Also sometimes it’s easier to move the popup than it is to close it. Drag the window toward the bottom of the screen. It is okay if the popup window is a little bit in the “GO!” window. – by BethAnn804

Best method of winning, ignore the ads

At the first round, I would just ignore the Ad’s and try and get as far as you can go. Even in the advance levels, the ads can get very extreme, but it is still best to get as far to the finish line as possible, and as I said, if an ad is blocking the Go button, delete that add and hurry and keep going, I hope this helps, I get a decent amount of NP from it and I hope you get some too, Good Luck. – by Terror_14

Middle branch is best

Stay on one of the middle branches when the monkeys are first starting to climb up. When you see snakes or monkeys coming DOWN the vines, get above them and slide down, like you do the regular monkeys, to knock them off. The snakes are worth 2 points 😀 and the monkeys sliding down are worth 10 points. The regular monkeys are worth one each. You may see stars coming up between the vines. Jump into these in order to receive a shield which last for several seconds. You can use the shield to knock a bunch of monkeys off at one time. It works on the snakes, too. Letters will come up between the vines too and if you spell “Tarzan & Jane” by the end of the game well you get nothing. During the game try to stay close to the middle of the branches so you can see monkeys and snakes coming down from above you and can jump away before they hit you. – Shelan