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This game is hard at first glance. But when you figure out the mechanics for the game it seems playable. Also it’s a new game to add to you list of dailies in which you can get 500+ neopoints per game in a couple seconds. Maybe more depending on how lucky you are.

How to Play

First thing is there is no time limit and no penalty for not catching items. The object of the game is to try and stack the falling objects as high as you can without dropping them. Every now and then a Warf or Drakonack comes and blocks your path. I’ve been caught in the corner from one before and I could still balance my huge stack. All they do is stop you from being able to catch some of the falling items for 5 seconds.

The only control in the game is the mouse. Simply move the mouse left and right. If Wallace the Wocky’s stack of items is leaning to the left, move to the left, this will cause the stack to slowly begin moving to the right.

When the stack is leaning to the right, move to the right so the stack will lean to the left.

Don’t move too fast; the faster you move the more your stack leans.

The taller your stack the more it wobbles, and the less you can safely move.

Type “wocky” to make a Buzzer appear holding an orb, catching the Buzzer with your stack will prevent it from wobbling for approximately 5 seconds. Your stack will only be frozen if you have 3+ items stacked (the buzzer will still drop though). One use per game.