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Tug-O-War Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

Tug-O-War Passwords

lrslsts – Theibos
sltltsr – Khadir
sslrtrl – Ramset
lrlrss – Horak

Stop the Game to Get the Cloud

When a cloud comes up click and hold the top of the screen so it will freeze the game and look what it says inside the cloud, then let go of the top and press the letters. This is so you don’t break your concentration trying to press z & x. – DBZTrunx10

The “Select All” Secret

When playing as Horak, right click. There will be a menu that only has one option available on it. Click “Select All” and it will give you a Code Cloud. This will only work twice per level. – Hwolos

Tug-O-War Tips

Kym Huynh —  November 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

Better Reception

When the cloud appears above you players head press the keys really hard and not to fast otherwise the computer doesn’t pick it up.

Update – ‘Better Reception’ is quite misleading. Keyboards do not register the degree of pressure you apply, so ‘press the keys really hard’ may very well be important. On this fellows keyboard which has bad connections. Otherwise, if your computer registers the key as pressed, the only other effect you might get from pushing a key ‘long and hard’ would be that holding the key down could trigger the key repeat feature. At any rate, I just wanted to e-mail regarding that as being a computer tech, I get frustrated seeing people banging away at their keyboard 🙂 A keyboard’s owner will typically know how much pressure they need to apply for a key stroke to register. – Will Ralphs

This game has a lot of tension and muscle aching so don’t play this unless you are prepared.

To beat this game: Click A repeatedly and WASD (in that order), to do a special move.


There are NO cheats (that I know of) for the new version of this game. There are some really good tips though.

If you have several keyboards and some reasonably aged siblings that can play Tug ‘O’ War, you can plug the other keyboards in and your siblings can use the other keyboards. You can gain more points or even get the high score. Your siblings only have you keep pressing A or optionally press WASD (in order when the special comes up) to gain more power for you in the game.

Tug-O-War is one of those games that is very frustrating when you don’t win and also one of those games where you will walk away with your fingers sore. Nether the less, it is one heck of a cool game.

Tug-O-War is tricky. Have you noticed that sometimes, you presses the foot keys very fast and to no avail, you don’t gain land but lose it? and sometimes, you press them slowly and you seem to gain land? Want to know why? Its very easy. Each key (the z the x key) are directly proportional to the foot movements of your character. Try it and see!