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"The Wand of Wishing" on PSP

Developed for Sonys handheld and scheduled for release in winter 2005, this game is centred around Petpets, or more commonly referred to as pets for your pets among Neopets users.

The plot is based around the initial story of a struggle between two neopets over a powerful artefact known as the Wand of Wishing. Unfortunately, or fortunately in our case, the fight has serious consequences and the wand opens up a portal to another dimension where the dominant species is Petpets.

The game is not surprisingly classed as a 3D, action-adventure RPG game that allows you, the player, to play as a third person. The game is heavily focused on exploration and Petpet combat.

Marcus, Stacey, Rachel, Josh and Chass head up the host list for the this installment of The Pink Poogle Toy Podcast and discuss topics ranging from Neopets’ new video game “The Wand of Wishing”, the new PIN number system, the Lost Desert Plot, the new biscuit paintbrush, the changes to the world challenges to an almighty exclusive, an interview with a former Neopets monitor! Huzzah!