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The key to Faerie Racers is strategy

Here are the 3 best winning combos.


At the start of the game (level1), go up and right, forcing your opponent to go down. A lot of the time, your opponent will go in a circle, trapping himself. If not, make sharp turns and go strait across the screen*. He will do more compex and space wasting patterns until he crashes into the wall/his own tail.

Repeat on all levels, but be aware that you don’t run into him at the beginning.



(level 1 only)
Go strait, then up, then left, and then down**.

Opponent will ALWAYS crash (if there’s no interference)! Make sure you don’t run into the wall/your tail.

The aim of faerie cloud racers is to try and last as long as possible against different opponents without hitting either the walls or either of the two smoke trails left by your racers. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to get your way past the levels and become the champion.


You get 25 points for every round you complete, plus bonus points for how long your smoke trail is.

My method:

– If you look at the screen when you start, you’ll see that you and your opponents smoke trail seem to divide the screen in half. I find that it’s easier if you try and build up your smoke stream in the bottom half as your opponent seems to almost always start off by heading upwards.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Get the special jumps first, then start with easy throws and use the specials to get a hang of it, then after a few tries try harder throws and see how you do. If you don’t do well, keep practicing and soon you will get at least 300 neopoints a game! I also found that you could run faster if you tap left and right at the same time. – Daniel Romero