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Kym Huynh —  June 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

Welcome to the fandom section of PPT. This area contains anything and everything to do with content created by Neopians and can relate to off-the-wall to fan fiction to created artworks. If you have something which you wish to contribute to this section, please email Kym at and we’ll add it up if it is appropriate.

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Evan, Kym, Daveand Drake return as veteran hosts to bring you episode 31 of The PPT Show. Pointing their minds to poignant questions such as whether or not Neopets support obesity, the unlikely quadruple threat explore unchartered territory in the first interstate podcast episode. Topics covered in this episode include the NC spotlight, Adam Powell and Donna William’s signing of the PPT collage, the new Neopets merchandise coming soon, Neopets new drive to release a lot of games, PPT 2.0, and Neopets plots.


Treasure Hunt Tips

Kym Huynh —  March 12, 2017 — 2 Comments

First, what I do is go to PPT, and look at the treasure hunt answers. I look for my question on the list and click on the link. I leave it open if I’m going to need it again (especially on the Poogle Solitaire game, if you don’t want to waste 15np) if they get mixed up, all you do is find the first word out. then look for that one on the list. It should be easy and I get my piece of map in only 6 minutes. so just try it 🙂 – thomaspas

Help PPT Neopets

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What is PPT?

PPT is an online fan-based website concerned with the topic of Neopets, an online interactive game! Riddled with hints, tips, solutions, answers, guides and an online real-time community waiting to answer your questions, PPT is set up to help you in your journey through Neopets.

Is it free?

Of course it is!

Will I get frozen for using this site?

Nope, 100% guaranteed. This site does not distribute programs nor promote scamming. We only provide an online enjoyable experience.

I’m not making any np. Help!

You have the biggest online source of Neopets help on the net at your disposal. Use it wisely.

How do I use this site?


Neopets Columns

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Writers of every calibre and background support PPT and it’s endeavour to provide visitors with up-to-date hints, tips and articles. Well here are some of them, located right here for your convenience!

Would you start to start your own column?

Would you like to start your own column here at PPT? We’re currently looking for Neopians with a viewpoint and something to say. To start one, write up your first three columns, name your column and send it into to get listed here. After that, any subsequent column you write will be updated here.

In a Neopian World
By diva_brat
My View… and Yours