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This is an easy game. All you have to do is shoot pies and robots.


Clown chia’s head-2 points.

Clown chia’s arm-4 points.
*If the chia is crawling and missing one of its arms, watch out! It will explode and take one of your lives.

Clown chia’s shorts-1 point.
*If it falls, these are VERY explosive, so it might blow up.

Clown chia’s umbrella-3 points
*If you shoot the chia when it’s really high up, it usually explodes. This will not take one of your lives.

Clown chia’s inside-1 point
*You only get to shoot the skeleton if you shoot it’s head first.

Pie-5 points.
*If it hits you, it will take away one of your lives.