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Don’t we all just hate those scammers? Don’t we want to rip their heads off and stuff it in the garbage can (sorry about “graphic” description ;)? Well, my friends, one of my friends who played Neopets was a scammer, and got frozen like water in the tundra. While watching him play, I learned the tactics of a scammer and how they really work. Scammers strategies are so basic, I enjoy thinking of ways to make fun of them. How to insult them in instant messenger. How to take glory as they look in your account and discover absolutely nothing because you are nothing but a newbie, and suddenly they freeze and cry to their mommies. So, read on and discover how to LIKE meeting scammers on AOL Instant Messenger.

Edited by Kym Huynh

Interview With moomoocow_713.

How long have you been playing Neopets?

17 months.

What is your most/least favourite thing about it?

I don’t really have a least favourite. I guess my least favourite thing would be few ugly pets they have. My favourite thing about it is that it is fun. Good enough.

What advice do you have for a new member?

Find a good help site.

What scams do you think you should watch out for?

Fake logins.

What do you think is the easiest thing about Neopets?

Everything on Neopets is pretty easy for me. Some of the games are tricky though.

What is the most important thing?

Sakhmet Solitaire Tips

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Aim For the Golden Trophy

After reading the guide already on this site, I played about 15/16 games of Solitaire and won the Golden Trophy for beating 2 games in a row! It was probably pure luck, but if you can, aim for getting 2 games won in a row. Its a very boring game after a while, and now I have the golden trophy, I don’t need to play it any more than I want to! – meelieface

So I was reading the scammer articles on PPT one day and I read the one about having fun with scammers. I liked the concept so I went on the Neopets chat board and sure enough, there was neorich744frozen, posting I have a program that will unfreeze ur old account. Inside it read AIM likedude88. And so I did. I copied and pasted the conversation here. My comments are in parentheses and italic.

Horsegurl730: hey u said u knew how to freeze scammers?
likedude88: i have to get on ur new account so i can get the nitsite of ur old one to unfreeze it.

Some games are so fun that playing them is its own reward. Other games are just a way of getting neopoints. This guide is about the second kind. I assume that you want to find games that give you a lot of Neopoints with as little time and effort as possible.

Other guides have just given lists of games that give easy points. However, some of these games are removed by Neopets after a while because they are primarily advertisements for a limited time (e.g., while a movie is playing in theaters). To replace games that are removed, you will have to look through the lists of games, and it helps to know a couple of telltale signs of easy points.