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Faeries, the most beautiful things in all of Neopia. There are currently 6 known species of faerie in Neopia, and 7 unique faeries. Most of these faeries give out random quests to those who deserve one. Most quests come from the common faeries (air, dark, earth, fire, light and water) but if you are lucky, you might get a quest from the Faerie Queen or the Fountain Faerie.

Ok lets start by getting to know each faerie shall we?

Air Faeries: Masters of the air and clouds. These extremely beautiful sky dancers may seem ditzy but they are one of the most graceful types of faerie in Neopia. When you get an air faerie quest she usually asks you for a beauty item of some sort (blush, eyeshadow, varnish, etc.) I guess they need this stuff to stay beautiful. If you complete one of these quests the air faerie will make your neopets faster. This can really come in handy if your neopet tends to be slow in the battledome.

I spun around. A dark looking chariot pulled by two black Skieths had broken through the wall. Jhudora was at the reins. Tommy and Caitlin were in the back. “Get on!” Caitlin screamed holding out her hand. I turned to face Sloth. I kicked the knife out of his hand and grabbed Pachi. We jumped onto the chariot and took off.

We began speeding high into the air towards Faerie City. Soon we were above the clouds. Suddenly a laser shot just past me. I looked behind us and screamed. Sloth was following us in some sort of bubble pod! “Go faster!” I screamed to Jhudora. “Its going as fast as it can!” She screamed. “Then were done for!” Caitlin cried. “I dont think so!” Tommy yelled pulling out the Greater Orb of The Fire Faerie and aiming at the pod. A huge fireball flew out of it and hit the pod. It exploded. I saw Sloth fall from it. “This isnt over yet!” He yelled at me. “Well meet again!” Just then a small space ship flew under him and caught him. I knew hed be back.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. One minute Sloth was aiming the gun at Tommys chest, the next it was flying from his hand. I saw who had stopped him. A brown haired girl was standing there holding the sword of the air faerie. I recognized her as one of my best friends. Her name was Caitlin.

“Caitlin!” I cried relived that my brother wasnt going to be shot. She swung the sword and cut right through our handcuffs. “Get your weapons!” She yelled freeing Tommys pets from their cage. Me and Tommy grabbed our weapons from a nearby table. “Oh no you dont!” Sloth yelled lunging for me. But I was ready. I kicked him as hard as I could across the room. He slammed into a wall. “Quick!” I cried. “Nows our chance!” We ran from the room.