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This is a guide to make you rich! But you must averaging good score returns at TONS of the games! This method is also a little time intensive. Without further ado, Here is the guide!

First play Ultimate Bullseye! This is EASY! Score 35 or higher and then send your score! If you get 34 and below, RESTART THE GAME! After you play you should have nearly 800 nps!

Now play Volcano Run. This is a bit tricky! You need to score 1200 each round! So this may-be one tricky one for some people! After you play, you should have nearly 2000 nps!

Then play Usuki Frenzy! This is probobly the simplist one! Score 195 each round! You should get about 290nps each round! After you play you should have nearly 2870 nps!

Chia Bomber Guide by speckleburst

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Point of the Game

What’s the Point of Chia Bombers you ask? Its to get the Chias out of Geoffrey’s neighborhood by shooting your water balloons at them 🙂 Good luck!


Arrow Keys- Move Geoffrey left, right, up, and down
Space Bar- Fire Water Balloons at those Chias!
M Key- Sets down a bomb (Only 5 for each level!)
Your mines can’t hurt you
Chia bombs can’t hurt those chias
For each level, Chias get 3x the number of bombs (Level 4- 12 bombs)
There are 7 different types of chias
Those chias WILL chase after you after they have fired upon you…


Stay at least 2 spaces from each Chia
Set yourself up in a corner and place mines where ever a chia could come and charge at you. Then fire at anything that comes near you. This is your Little Secret Place to go when you need safety

Chia Bomber 2 Secrets

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Extra Life

After the game starts in Chia Bomber II type geoffrey for an extra life. – knd1994123

Start in the top left hand corner

If you hold down the right key when pressing ‘start’ or ‘next level’, you will start in the top left corner. – knd1994123

Chia Bomber 2 Tips

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Game tips

STAY IN YOUR CORNER! Surround yourself with mines and stay there shooting out from the wall of mines. Try to kill the weaker enemies before they hit the mines because you need them for the tougher ones. watch how your shots travel forever. Until they hit the wall or an enemy you cant shoot again. Right between levels is a good time to get an extra life. You can only do this once a game but type in geoffrey and you will have another life.


1. Stay in corner.
2. Surround yourself with mines.