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Angelpuss devilpuss.gif
Type Spooky Petpet
Release Date July 22, 2004
Petpet Puddle

The Devilpuss is a species of cat-like Petpet modeled after the NeoQuest II boss character of the same name. Its name is a portmanteau of devil and Angelpuss, the latter being its polar opposite.

Plot summaries[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

The player first hears of the Devilpuss from Vilaria, who explains that it destroyed the Bridge of Mist, the safest route to Faerieland. The Devilpuss itself - a former Angelpuss - is encountered in Cumulonimbus, the abandoned and ruinous city in the Underclouds of Faerieland. It must be defeated in order to get to the exit of the city and proceed through the Underclouds to the Village of Cirrus and on to Faerieland.

M5070 f6d11.gif HP:
1,500Easy · 1,875Medium · 2,250Hard
  • Critical Hit
  • Shockwave
  • Slowing Strike
  • 2,500 Gold
  • 2 weapon/armour items
NP Reward:
1,100 NP

Opening Dialogue:

Devilpuss zooms around the ruins of Cumulonimbus, cackling wildly. "Being an Angelpuss was fun, I admit," he says, "but being a Devilpuss is so much more fun! Nobody expects you to be sweet all the time, nobody insists that you keep your fur all white and clean..." He turns and gives you a fiendish look. "And nobody minds if you kill a few neopets now and then..." He zooms toward you and attacks!

Flee Dialogue:

Devilpuss flies around, chuckling. "Go on, run away. I'll be here, and we can fight again. And won't that be fun!" he says, as you flee into the ruins.

Defeat Dialogue:

Devilpuss laughs maniacally as you collapse to the street. "See? Wasn't that fun?! I wish we could fight some more! But I think you've got to go bye-bye for now!"

Victory Dialogue:

Devilpuss crashes to the ground, his wings crumpled and his tail bent. "Urgh... I guess... it was fun... after all..." With that, he stops moving and is silent. The east gate of Cumulonimbus stands open before you.

Petpet Protection League[edit]

The Devilpuss has been selected for the Petpet Protection League award once:

Week 285
Petpet Devilpuss
Date March 5, 2009


  • The Devilpuss is featured in an avatar, obtained after defeating it in NeoQuest II, a stamp, and a plushie. Halo of Devilpuss - described as "Kind of grotty, but Devilpuss hasnt got much use for it now." - is a weapon that can be obtained from completing NeoQuest II on Evil difficulty.

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