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The Petpet Protection League, often abbreviated PPL, is an organization of Neopians dedicated to the welfare and appreciation of Petpets. Lead by Weltrude, the Petpet Protection League has a weekly award for Neopets who take good care of their Petpets. The PPL also created and runs Petpet Park.

Plot summary[edit]

Altador Plot[edit]

Main Article: Altador Plot

During the Altador Plot, users were required to nurse a Vaeolus back to health. As a reward for their good work, a Skeith from the Petpet Protection League gave the user a certificate, which revealed the constellation of Fauna, The Gatherer.

Operation: Petpet Park[edit]

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Petpet Protection League Award[edit]

Each week, beginning June 12, 2003, the Petpet Protection League selects a random type of Petpet, rewarding users that have that type of petpet attached to one of their Neopets by paying 10 Neopoints for every day that the petpet has been attached. Users who have the oldest members of the selected type of Petpet receive a Trophy as well. Neopets who take their Petpet to the Petpet Laboratory are not eligible for the PPL award, as this is viewed as a form of cruelty against Petpets.

Previously Selected Petpets
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