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Operation: Petpet Park was a plot that was used as a way to introduce Neopets users to Neopets' sister site, Petpet Park. The plot began on September 4, 2008 and concluded on October 28, 2008. It followed the story of a group of three agents from the Petpet Protection League as they were sent out on missions to retrieve six new types of Petpets from special portals connecting Neopia to Petaria. Along the way, the trio had to outsmart a rouge agent named Yurius.

During beta testing, most of the Operation: Petpet Park characters were removed from Petpet Park and were replaced by new Petpet characters. As such, it is unclear whether or not the events of Operation: Petpet Park are still part of Neopets' canon.

Plot Summary[edit]

...to be added...

User Participation[edit]

During the plot, users were sent on six different "missions". Each of these missions invovled solving some sort of puzzle in order to reach a group of Petpets.

Mission 1[edit]

Users had to chose the correct tunnels.

Mission 1 was released on September 4, 2008. To complete this mission, users had to navigate a simple maze located in a cave within Terror Mountain. Upon entering this cave, users were presented with two tunnels: one leading to the left and one leading to the right. If the correct tunnel was chosen, the user would be presented with a new set of tunnels. If the incorrect tunnel was chosen, the user would encounter a pack of vicious Snowbeasts and have to start the maze over from the beginning. The correct path through the tunnels was the same for every user: right, left, left, right, left, right. At the end of the maze, users could click on a large blank wall of the cave to reveal a portal and retrieve a Drym.

Mission 2[edit]

The Moonlight Opal sits next to the window.

Mission 2 was released on September 9, 2008. To complete this mission, players had to rotate a special stone, called the Moonlight Opal, so that it refracted the moonlight from a nearby window onto three special markings. The player had to light all three marking within a certain period of time. If the user was too slow, the moon would shift positions and the user would have to start over from the beginning. After successfully bathing all three markings in moonlight, the user would open a portal and find a Hifflo.

Mission 3[edit]

Which portal contains the Pinixies?

Mission 3 was released on September 17, 2008. During this mission, users were presented with several portals and had to check each of these portals until they found one that lead to a group of Pinixies. If the user chose an incorrect portal, they would have to close that portal before they were allowed to check a different portal. To close a portal, users had to set the correct frequency on Mick's C.A.R.P. device and then push the red button on the bottom of the device. If the user set the correct frequency, the portal would close. If they set the wrong frequency, the readout of the C.A.R.P. would tell the player how far away they were from the correct frequency. For example, if the readout displayed -3, the user would have to move the slider down by three notches to reach the correct frequency. The frequency needed to close each portal was randomly selected.

Mission 4[edit]

...to be added...

First Trap[edit]

A spike pit sits before you. There appears to be no way around it.

Option Chosen Action Taken The Result
Use convenient teleporter You spy a teleportation chamber on the edge of the room, and step into it... How convenient! You've been teleported into the Horrible Black Void. ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

You'll have to start over!

Ask Yurius to wait You shout, "Hey, hold on a second!" Vainly hoping for Yurius to respond, you find that, in fact, he doesn't.

You'll have to start over!

Cross invisible bridge You hold your breath, close your eyes, and step into the abyss... ...which really is an abyss. An invisible bridge? Really?

You'll have to start over!

Fill the pit with cheese Where are you going to get 5,000 litres of cheese? It turns out Mick has a device that does exactly that! The cheese fills up the pit, and you can swim across.

Second Trap[edit]

A series of stone heads block your path, shooting flames from their mouths! How will you get past?

Option Chosen Action Taken The Result
Hurl insults at the stone heads You sling a variety of choice epithets at the stone heads, perhaps hoping to intimidate them into stopping their flaming breath... It works! The stone heads, surprised by the vitriol of your barbs, stop shooting flames long enough for you to pass. I hope you're proud of yourself.
Put on swimsuits Conveniently, you thought to bring swimwear with you, in case there was time to visit the beach while on Mystery Island... ...but the stone heads, angry that they cannot visit the beach, refuse to let you pass.

You'll have to start over!

Toast marshmallows Perhaps you can turn lemons into lemonade by using the flames to toast some marshmallows? Incensed by your attempt to make use of their flames for culinary purposes, the heads redouble their flamethrowing and send you packing.

You'll have to start over!

Brandish a carrot threateningly You wield a pointed carrot at the stone heads... While carrots are chock full of vitamins and other nutrients, stone heads find them neither threatening nor tasty.

You'll have to start over!

Third Trap[edit]

As Yurius leaves the room, he hits a switch which causes a giant boulder to plummet at you from the ceiling!

Option Chosen Action Taken The Result
Dance a jig You dance a festive jig. How invigorating! But how will this help? While dancing, you accidentally step on a hidden plate, and a giant stone hammer knocks the boulder aside!
Use flamethrower Now where are you going to get a flamethrower at a time like this? I mean really! How would a flamethrower even stop a giant boulder?

You'll have to start over!

Stare off into space You stare off into space, maybe hoping that inaction will save the day... ...but not so much.

You'll have to start over!

Throw bacon You hurl three pounds of precooked bacon at the boulder... The boulder ignores the delicious bacon.

You'll have to start over!

Fourth Trap[edit]

You've come across a corridor filled with giant stone pistons, slamming up and down! How will you get past without being crushed?

Option Chosen Action Taken The Result
Mutter something about interest rates Perhaps mathematics will provide the answer to making your way through! There might be a correspondence between interest rates and the movement of the pistons! Okay, that was a longshot, even for this puzzle.

You'll have to start over!

Play dice You, quite literally, roll the dice to see if that somehow will stop the pistons... Trying to retrieve dice from beneath giant slamming stone pistons is not a wise course of action.

You'll have to start over!

Jam a toothpick into the mechanism Finding a toothpick in your pack, you attempt to jam the mechanism driving the pistons...

...however, the mechanism was in fact a Xweetok named Phil, who now has a toothpick stuck in his eye. Good job. On the bright side, he's turned off the pistons so that you don't jab him in the eye again.

Wait for the pistons to get bored Perhaps the pistons will simply give up if you wait long enough? It turns out that you got bored before the non-sentient stone pistons, and tried to run through anyway. Suffice to say, it didn't work.

You'll have to start over!

Fifth Trap[edit]

In the center of the room sits... an adorable Cybunny? What threat could it possibly present?

Option Chosen Action Taken The Result
Become inexplicably hostile You start screaming and thumping your chest, making hostile hand gestures at the Cybunny. The Cybunny sees you become angry, and suddenly it looks sad. It holds up a mirror to itself, and mutters, "ERROR: WHAT HAVE I BECOME?" as you slip past.
Request an autograph You shyly approach the Cybunny and offer an 8x10 headshot and a pen... ERROR: CYBUNNY DOES NOT RECOGNIZE CONCEPT OF CELEBRITY. ENTERING ATTACK MODE.

You'll have to start over!

Ask, "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?" You propose the philosophical question to the Cybunny... RESPONSE: A BINARY TREE. ENTERING ATTACK MODE.

You'll have to start over!

Bribe it with Neocash You sidle over to the Cybunny and try to surreptitiously hand it 500 Neocash. RESPONSE: ERROR: CYBUNNY DOES NOT ACCEPT NEOCASH AS A FORM OF BRIBERY. ENTERING ATTACK MODE.

You'll have to start over

Mission 5[edit]

...to be added...

Mission 6[edit]

...to be added...


At the conclusion of each plot comic, users could follow links to complete several puzzles based around locating the Petpets. Unlike in previous plots, there was no time bonus for completing each step quickly.

Unlike in previous plots, no trophies were awarded at the conclusion.


However, prizes were awarded. Users who participated were given access to the Operation: Petpet Park site theme. Users were also awarded a amount of Neopoints based on the number of missions they completed, the maximum being 45,000 Neopoints. Finally, users who participated gained access to a unique wearable item within the Petpet Park game: Park Badge Beanie (shown in the pic up right)


  • The 5th mission makes reference to the Tale of Woe plot when the caretaker gives Mick the shovel he says, "Oh no! More gravedigging! My arms are still tired from a couple of years ago..."

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