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Hubrid Nox's Gallery of Evil image.

Hubrid Nox is a Machiavellian Chia super-villain and the arch-enemy of Magax. He is a powerful warlock who is served by an army of Ghost Neopets he raises from the dead. He was killed during The Faerie's Ruin plot (confirmed dead in editorial #474), but may yet survive as a ghost. He lived in a castle in the Haunted Woods.

He is the antagonist of the games MAGAX: Destroyer and its remake MAGAX: Destroyer II, and is described as the mastermind behind Hubrid's Hero Heist.

Hubrid is credited with the invention of the weapons Hubrids Noxious Blade, which does extra damage to Lupes; and Hubrids Puzzle Box, which are available from the Hidden Tower; and Hubrids Odial Sphere, which has been retired from the Hidden Tower. Hubrids Noxious Blade can be combined in the Cooking Pot with the Carrotblade to make a Noxious Carrotblade. He is the only Chia to be featured in the Neopets Trading Card Game, where he is associated with the elements of Dark and Fire.

NeoQuest II[edit]

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Hubrid Nox is an optional boss in the Haunted Woods portion of Neoquest II. He, along with Balthazar and the Spider Grundo, was placed under a mind-control spell by Edna. While under Edna's influence, the he was forced take part in the casting of a spell that locked the sun in place, creating eternal day in the Haunted Woods. Hubrid was freed from the mind control spell after he was defeated by Rohane and company at the top of his fortress. After regaining his senses, Hubrid revealed that Edna was the mastermind behind the eternal day spell. He then decided to let Rohane punish Edna for him and told Rohane where Edna could be found.

Hubrid Nox
M4100 993cd.gif HP:
1,500Easy · 1,875Medium · 2,250Hard
  • Rampant Acceleration - 38% haste
  • Petrification - 62% slow
  • Renew - Heals 150 HP
  • Obliterate - 100 HP damage
  • Slowing Strike - 5% slow
  • Critical Hits
  • 2 weapons / armor
  • 3,000 Gold
NP Reward:
1,000 NP

Opening Dialogue:

Hubrid Nox narrows his eyes when he sees you. His mouth twists into a snarl, and he attacks!

Flee Dialogue:

Hubrid Nox cackles as you flee in terror.

Defeat Dialogue:

Hubrid Nox relaxes as you fall to the ground in pain. "I am undefeatable in my fortress!" he says, as the blackness takes you...

Victory Dialogue:

Hubrid Nox is forced to one knee by the final strike. He struggles for a moment, then stands up, unsteady. His expression has changed, now, and he lowers his hands, no longer intent on attacking.

The Faeries' Ruin[edit]

Hubrid was roped into Xandra's plot without his knowledge.
Main article: The Faeries' Ruin

When questioned, Hanso accused Hubrid Nox of buying an artefact from him (which Hanso himself had stolen from Xandra) and using it to petrify the Faeries. The heroes - King Altador, King Jazan, Xandra, Brynn, Hanso and an Ogrin - travelled to the Haunted Woods to confront Nox about his involvement. While most of the heroes went in the front entrance of Nox's castle, Hanso slipped in through a window and confronted Nox first.

Nox didn't seem to understand what artefact Hanso meant, but before he could be questioned further, Xandra fell over a trip wire and the castle's traps activated. Nox escaped down a secret passageway and out into the Woods. Too busy praising his own cunning to watch where he was going, Nox ran head-first into something: another Hubrid Nox. The real Nox looked up in horror, and the doppelgänger blasted him with magic.

After Faerieland fell, it was revealed that Xandra had cursed the Faeries, and had disguised herself as Nox to lay a false trail. She also confirmed that it was she who had "done away with Nox". In the chapter five plot comic and the dialogue for certain plot steps it was strongly suggested Nox had been killed - which was later confirmed in editorial #474.

Better Than You[edit]

Hubrid Nox has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: January 3, 2008 So, the mighty Dr. Sloth thinks he can just waltz right into the Haunted Woods and set up some evil lab for his schemes without my permission? Help me show him who the true master of the Haunted Woods is and I shall reward you.
Game: Korbats Lab
Score: 4,000
Prize: Korbat Lights


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