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Ramtor is a Bruce wizard who usurps King Skarl from his throne in the Meridell act of NeoQuest II.

Plot summary[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

Ramtor put the guards of Meridell castle under his spell and forced King Skarl of the throne and into the dungeon of his tower. Not long after, he casted a spell over the land, causing the normally peaceful creatures to become hostile and violent, in his effort to prevent the citizens of Meridell of ever dethroning him. He was eventually forced to retreat from Meridell, breaking his spell over the castle's citizens in the process when Rohane and Mipsy were close to defeating him, because he wasn't taking him seriously. Back in his tower, Ramtor fought against Rohane and Mipsy again, this time using his magic to his fullest, but was defeated. His fate after this was unknown, although he was likely imprisoned in the Meridell dungeon after King Skarl was freed.

NeoQuest II[edit]

The top boss for the Meridell portion of the game. Ramtor has 200 hp and flees the first time you fight him, when his health is down 50%. He is an above average magic user.


  • Ramtor is featured in 3 items, including Ramtors Spellbook, a prize which can be received from completing "Evil" difficulty on Neoquest II.
  • He is similar to Jahbal, the primary antagonist of Neoquest I.

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