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"It was only after the Spider Grundo had ensnared Sloth's Warriors in a massive web that the doctor had realised his mistake." - Neopedia
The Spider Grundo is a mutated Grundo that has fangs, six spider-like legs, and the ability to spin massive webs. He was once a normal Grundo and an underling of Dr. Sloth.

One day, Dr. Sloth decided to use a Grundo in one of his mutation experiments. The experiment gave the Grundo spider-like features and abilities; however, because Sloth forgot to use mind-control power during the experiment, the Grundo maintained his free will and was able to escape from Dr. Sloth's laboratory. The Spider Grundo now lives in a cave on the outskirts of Neopia Central, terrorizing any unsuspecting Neopets that get caught in his webs.

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main Article: NeoQuest II

The Spider Grundo, along with Balthazar and Hubrid Nox, was placed under a mind-control spell by Edna. While under Edna's influence, the Spider Grundo was forced take part in the casting of a spell that locked the sun in place, creating eternal day in the Haunted Woods. After Rohane and his party defeated the Spider Grundo in the Cave of Dark Things, the mind control spell was broken and the Spider Grundo returned to his senses. When questioned, the Spider Grundo was unable to remember what had happened to him and suggested that Rohane go see Balthazar.

Spider Grundo
M4045 92d47.gif HP:
1,200Easy · 1,500Medium · 1,800Hard
  • Wall of Chaos - 22 HP damage shield
  • Celestial Hammer - 3 sec. stun + 45 HP damage
  • Renew - Heals 150 HP
  • Immune to Stunning Strike
  • 2 weapons / armor
  • 2,000 Gold
NP Reward:
900 NP

Opening Dialogue:

Spider Grundo clicks his pincers at you as you approach him!

Flee Dialogue:

Spider Grundo laughs as you flee.

Defeat Dialogue:

Spider Grundo scuttles forward as your vision begins to fade. He looks like he's going to enjoy his meal...

Victory Dialogue:

Spider Grundo is flung against the far wall of the cave as the last blow hits. He looks dazed as he picks himself up, but shakes it off. However, the fire has gone out of his eyes. He tries to speak, but only incomprehensible mumbles emerge.

Random Event[edit]

There are two random events involving the Spider Grundo:

Bg NC2.jpg
The Spider Grundo drops down from a nearby tree and stares at you...
Spider grundo.png
Bg NC2.jpg
The Spider Grundo spins his web nearby... Best to move on, you wouldn't want to get caught in that.
Spider grundo.png

Both of these events have no effect.


Portrait 25.png
Spider Grundo
Difficulty: 175Easy · 228Medium · 280Hard Starting HP: 200Easy · 260Medium · 320Hard
Arena: Rattling Cauldron Released: October 17, 2001
Status: Active Challenger ID: 25
Found by: Visiting his Gallery of Evil page.

Forest Sling
Silver Butter Knife
Snow Flame
Spider Grundo Sword
Spider Grundo Web Net
Supersize Mega Ultra Plus
Web Claw
Web Shield

Burrow new.png
Positive Thinking.png
Positive Thinking

Better Than You[edit]

The Spider Grudo has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: October 18, 2007 No one spins a web like I do, no one! You think you can tangle webs with me and not suffer for it? I'll let you go on one condition: you manage to beat me at a game of web spinning. *cackle*
Game: Web of Vernax
Score: 4,990
Prize: The Spider Grundo

Date: December 10, 2008 No tasty morsel escapes my web, and there are none other that can compete with my abilities. You dare to challenge me? I'm afraid you will only get yourself into a very sticky situation.
Game: Web of Vernax
Score: 4,750
Prize: Christmas Spyder

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