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This article is about the planet of Neopia. For the similarly named location on that planet, see Neopia Central.
One side of the planet.
Pronunciation: nɪ.oʊ.pɪə, nee-oh-pee-ah
Adjective: Neopian
Orbital period: 365.26 days
Satellites: 1 natural - Kreludor
1 artificial - Virtupets Space Station
Population: approx. 280 million Neopets
approx. 190 million users
over 5.5 million Faeries

Neopia (either from Ancient Greek νέος meaning "new" and τόπος meaning "place", or Neopet and τόπος) is the extrasolar planet on and around which the events of the Neopets website take place. It is orbited by a single moon, Kreludor, and a large Space Station, both of which are also inhabited. Neopia is a goldilocks planet, being in the habitable zone from its star, and is capable of sustaining many different forms of life.

The phrase Neopia or World of Neopia may also refer to the fictional universe or reality in which all the Neopian activities take place. The entire planet operates on the NST timezone, which correlates with the Pacific Time Zone and its daylight savings changes.


Neopia is inhabited by 55 different species of Neopets. It is where most of these species originate - although Grundos come from its moon Kreludor and certain Aishas come from a different home world. Neopets live in the planet's oceans, both on and under the planet's surface, and high above in the sky. It is also home to over 450 different species of Petpets and 40 even smaller organisms called Petpetpets. Neopets and Petpets can be painted into an even more diverse range of appearances. It is also home to many Faeries.

Neopia is also home to the Coco people of Mystery Island and the Snowbeasts and Snowager of Terror Mountain. It is unclear if Neopets users 'inhabit' the planet - although much of the site's content is addressed to the player, no humans are ever seen around the world or in plots, except possibly the humanoid Tiki Tack Man.

There is also a wide variety of plantlife resembling that on Earth, including ferns, grass and trees. Certain trees in Neopia however are more animal like: trees in the Haunted Woods have mouths and eyes and some level of sapience, as does the Money Tree. Most of these trees are quite gullible and The Brain Tree is described as "the only tree to have developed intelligence".

The seas of Neopia are filled with many varieties of fish, plant life and cephalopods as well as aquatic and Maraquan Neopets and Petpets. Neopia is also home to insect life in the form of Petpetpets and the Bug Brothers, and mysterious supernatural creatures like the Lava Ghoul, Pant Devil, and the Monocerous.


Neopia revolving. See bigger or more supported image.

Neopia is divided into several regions called worlds or lands. A world may be notable for its environment or climate as much as for its customs or rulers. Neighbouring worlds often contrast sharply in these respects.

Worlds are typically themed after certain eras or places in Earth's history. The level of technology varies between worlds: the Virtupets Space Station has technology even greater than Earth standards, while residents of Meridell are still in Medieval times.

However, some worlds possess technology that would be considered anachronistic on Earth in the era they represent: Medieval-themed Meridell recently invented the aeroplane, prehistoric-themed Tyrannia possess stone automobiles, and in the Ancient Egyptian-themed Lost Desert, tanks have been used as a means of pest control. However, industry isn't widespread on Neopia, allowing for a low pollution rate, except in Mystery Island where visiting tourists have caused a disturbance.

Before 1 March, 2006, only one side of the planet had been charted. As of October 2010, there are 19 visible worlds on the marked on Neopia's map, with new worlds being discovered occasionally in relation to site events or plots:

Kreludor and Virtupets Space Station themselves, while being worlds, are not actually on the planet Neopia itself, but orbit it. They are featured on the world map, however, and in certain events featuring Neopian worlds - such as the Altador Cup.

Almost all of these lands can be explored normally through the website, with the exception of Lutari Island, which when visited on the Neopets website can only be faintly seen through fog. Lutari Island floats around Neopia and is always on the move, and can only be accessed by those who use the (now defunct) Neopets Mobile service.

There are other lands which are either hidden from view, or can't be explored by normal means. There are four of these types of worlds:


The climate and weather patterns of Neopia vary from region to region and season to season. Exceptions to this rule are The Lost Desert which is always hot, Terror Mountain which is in constant winter, and the Virtupets Space Station and Kreludor, which have no weather because they are in space.

Climates of neighbouring lands can be completely different to each other: for example, Terror Mountain's perpetual winter borders Tyrannia's tropical and arid climates. Weather in Neopia is controlled both by scientific principles as well as magic.

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