Virtupets Space Station

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Virtupets Space Station
Spacestation supply.png
Pronunciation: ver-tu-pets speys stey-shun
Released: 17 August, 2000
Yooyuball team: Team Virtupets
Supply Deck · Hangar · Recreation Deck

The Virtupets Space Station - or Virtupets Orbital Space Station #4 - is a space station brought into Neopia's orbit by Dr. Frank Sloth during the course of the Arrival of Virtupets plot, from where he intended to fire a mutation ray in order to transfigure Neopets into his slaves.

After Dr. Sloth's plan was thwarted, the Space Station remained in orbit, abandoned. It was re-inhabited by Neopians where it became much like a futuristic arcade. It became a popular tourist destination, despite the re-emergence of one of Dr. Sloth's old projects, Neopet Version 2, which kidnapped four visitors until the machine was deactivated. After this event, the look of the station was revamped giving it three separate decks and links to space themed games.

The space station is the only location where the player can acquire a Grundo Neopet. Despite originating from Kreludor, many were brought to the station by Dr. Sloth as slaves and test subjects. Now they make up the majority of the staff on the station and effectively run it.


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During The Return of Dr. Sloth plot in 2008, the Virtupets map was revamped and divided up into three levels, accommodating links to many Space Station-related games that had been released since the map was last updated, in 2005.

Supply Deck[edit]


Recreation Deck[edit]

Recreation Deck

The 'Recreation Deck, originally called the "Amusement Level", is the leisure area of the space station. Here you can find a number of games and a small cafe to relax at.




The Hangar is where you can find all the spacecraft that are currently on the space station both big and small and it is from here that they arrive and depart.


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From worst team in the league to cup contender, Virtupets made a huge turnaround in 2011 coming in 1st place and winning the cup.

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