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Roo Island
Roo island 2012.png
Pronunciation: roo ahy-luhnd
Released: 19 June 2003
Yooyuball team: Team Roo Island
Roo Island

Roo Island is a small (approximately 50 miles by 100 miles) island of Neopia situated 30 miles east off the coast of Neopia Central and connected by a rainbow. For years, Roo Island has been the home of the fun loving and energetic Blumaroos, ruled over by their wise monarch, King Roo. There are three main towns on Roo Island: Roo City, Blumaria, and the Art District. Each of the towns is connected via a well-kept road, and trade caravans are not uncommon. There are also a handful of little villages dotted around the island.


Roo Island was first released on 19 June 2003. In The Case of the Missing King - the Neocash component of the Daily Dare in 2012 - players were invited to help Lulu catch the bugs that had invaded Roo Island. Once they were all caught on 27 March, a redesigned map was released.


Roo City[edit]

Roo City is the largest town on the island and is home to the royal Roo Palace, home of King Roo. The Dice-A-Roo Tournament Hall is located in Roo City. Though it was originally intended for town hall meetings, the Tournament Hall, once a year, houses the biggest Dice-a-Roo tournament in Neopia, but smaller games can be played every day.


Blumaria is a bustling port city on the south side of Roo Island. Ships carrying tourists from all over Neopia arrive daily. The town's famous boardwalk surrounds the bay and contains the majority of the Island's shops. But the boardwalk's main attraction is, of course, the Game Room. To celebrate his love of games, King Roo ordered this massive building constructed in the heart of Blumaria. Travellers from every corner of Neopia to visit the Game Room to earn NP and, more importantly, have fun.

Art District[edit]

The Art District is the home of several attractions formally housed in the Deep Catacombs in Neopia Central.

  • Art Gallery: A contest where users send in Neopets-related artwork;
  • Colouring Pages: Printable drawings for users to colour in;
  • Poetry Contest: A contest where users send in Neopets-related poems;
  • Storytelling Contest: A contest where users contribute parts of a story.


  • Roo Island Merry Go Round: For a small fee of 50-100 neopoints, let your pet ride on the Merry Go Round to increase their happiness.;
  • NeoHomes: Players may choose to build their NeoHome on Roo Island. Neighbourhoods include Tangleberry Drive, Lemberry Lane, Chievely Canyon, Membury Close, Crypt of Doom Road, Sea View Terrace, Little Paddock Road, Meteor Street.


Roo Island is heavily populated with Blumaroos. According to a survey done for the Neopedia article, 95% of the population of 275,000 inhabitants are Blumaroos (? Blumaroos are born there). Buildings like King Roo's palace are designed to look like Blumaroos.


Main article: Team Roo Island

Roo Island shock all in the first cup when a small team from a small island made all the way to 4th place. They would go on to winthe Altador Cup in 2008.

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