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AAA returned to challenge Neopians again.

The second Games Master Challenge began on November 20, 2007 and ended on November 27, 2007. During each day of this event, Aristotle A. Avinroo set users five Games Room related challenges to complete.

Completing a challenge would reward users with an item. Unlike the previous year, the prizes were specific to each challenge and not random. Additionally, at the end of the event, users were awarded trophies based on how many challenges that they completed.


Over the course of the Games Master Challenge, a new set of challenges were released each day. Each set of challenges had one Send Score Challenge - about sending a certain number of scores - one Game Challenge - about playing a particular game - one Random Challenge, one Secret Game Challenge, and one Theme Challenge - where AAA only hinted as to which games should be played.

There were some difference in the challenges depending on whether the player was in North America or not. On days three and six, the challenge for North American players included sponsored games.

Day 1: November 20, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Strolling Through Neopia Central

Send a score in one qualifying Flash game.

Game Challenge Prize

Just Experimenting...

Cook up a score of 350 in Korbat's Lab.

Korbat Calculus
Random Challenge Prize

Throw Down the Gauntlet

Send one Flash game challenge card to a friend.

Scientific Flash Cards
Secret Game Challenge Prize

Don't Eat Your Neggs Before They're Caught

Chase down a score of 150 in Meerca Chase II. Watch out for the red Neggs!

Buttered Negg Waffle
Theme Challenge Prize


Aaa says, "I've devised a fiendishly clever new challenge. You have to send scores in two games, and I'll tell you the scores, but not the games! Oh, all right, I guess you can have a hint -- the games are both Petpetpet-themed."

Wind Up Cooty

Day 2: November 21, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Picking Your Own in Meridell

Send a score in five different qualifying Flash games.

Braku Berry Juice
Game Challenge Prize

Round Up the Usul Suspects!

Track down a score of 100 in The Usul Suspects.

Strawberry Usul Shake
Random Challenge Prize

These Are a Few of my Favourite Games

Add three qualifying Flash games to your list of Favourites. Be sure to check the list of qualifying games to make sure yours are there!

Fun Games
Secret Game Challenge Prize

Scared of Your Own Shadow, Eh?

Work some magic in Edna's Shadow to earn a score of 200.

Theme Challenge Prize

The Sporting Life

Aaa says, "So, you fancy yourself an athlete, eh? Then let's see if you can figure out which three games to play for this challenge!"

Robotic Robot Club

Day 3: November 22, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Send Scores Challenge

Surfing the Rapids of Shenkuu

River Wave Breeze
Game Challenge Prize

Double, Double...

Hopefully it won't take too much toil and trouble for you to get a score of 100 in Sophie's Stew!

Swim For It! (North America)

Navigate through the water to reach a score of 150 in Sony's The Water Horse: Crusoe Cruiser!

Black Meowclops Backpack
Random Challenge Prize

Exploring in the Games Room

You might need the help of Jake the Explorer to find a word that will yield 10 or more search results. Or you could just use the Games Room search!

Kiko Explorer Plushie
Secret Game Challenge Prize

Pop! Goes the Secret Challenge

You'll have to burst a few bubbles to earn a score of 400 in Faerie Bubbles!

Delicious Faerie Bubbles
Theme Challenge Prize

This Challenge Does Not Exist

Aaa says, "Sorry, this challenge does not exist."

Orange Jelly Toilet
Delicious Faerie Bubbles

Day 4: November 23, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Tube-Racing on Kiko Lake

Send a score in thirty different qualifying Flash games.

Kiko Fudge Sundae
Game Challenge Prize

It's a Witch('s Brother) Hunt!

Search deep in the woods for a score of 350 on Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway.

Potion Shelves
Random Challenge Prize

A Fistful of Flash Challenges

Test the gaming skills of five more of your friends by sending them Flash Challenges.

Darigan Playing Cards
Secret Game Challenge Prize

Flip Those Blocks!

You'll need to use some good kalahnto ("judgment") to score 800 in Goparokko.

Goparokko Staff Plushie
Theme Challenge Prize

Please Don't Cuddle This Challenge

Aaa says, "They say a Petpet is a Neopet's best friend. What do you mean, 'Who's "they"?' Scientists, of course! Anyway, you'll never figure out the four games for this challenge!"

Florg Plushie
Regal Purple Petpet Cushion

Day 5: November 24, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Getting Lost in the Haunted Woods at Night

Send a score on forty-five different qualifying Flash games.

Tongue Wrap
Game Challenge Prize

If You Can't Take the Heat...

Keep a cool head to score 300 in Volcano Run II.

Chokato Volcano
Random Challenge Prize

The Numbers Game

View the High Scores Table for 20 different qualifying Flash games.

Maths Blocks
Secret Game Challenge Prize

It's a Juggling Act

Earn a score of 100 by helping Jolly and Olly put a tag-team takedown on the mutant Chia who's kidnapped their sister!.

All About Juggling
Theme Challenge Prize

Don't Get Cold Feet!

Aaa says, "Don't freeze up on this challenge, or your chances of winning will be put on ice! Ha! I have an entire repertoire of cold-based puns. Speaking of which, do you think you can figure-skate out the games for this snow-themed challenge? Ha! See what I did there?"

Blue Snowflake Biscuit Jar
Snow Brucicle

Day 6: November 25, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Climbing Terror Mountain During a Blizzard

Send a score on sixty different qualifying Flash games.

Mighty Melon Ice Lolly
Game Challenge Prize

Merrily You Roll Along

Roll your way to a score of 300 in Turmac Roll!

Workin' in the Workshop (North America)

Dig through Santa's bag of toys to come up with a score of 1,000 in Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh!

Turmaculus Stamp
Random Challenge Prize

If You Can't Say Anything Nice

Submit feedback with a score of 10 for any qualifying Flash games.

Secret Game Challenge Prize

Mop 'n' Glower

Clean up in Mop 'n' Bop by helping that cranky Yurble janitor wash away all those muddy Petpet footprints with a score of 300!

Stagnant Puddle of Water
Theme Challenge Prize

Report This Challenge to the Defenders of Neopia

Aaa says, "With today's challenge, Neopia has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Dare you try to divine the destination for each of today's diabolical games?"

Blue Evil Fuzzle Rug
Captain Scarblade Plushie

Day 7: November 26, 2007[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Walking Along the Edge of Techo Mountain Barefoot

Send a score on seventy-five different qualifying Flash games.

Decorated Fruit Basket
Game Challenge Prize

Aim for the Skies

Grapple your way to a score of 125 in Shenkuu Warrior.

Split Lenny Morphing Potion
Random Challenge Prize

It's All About You

Choose three qualifying Flash games from your Favourite Games list and send in scores!

Outdoor Hoop Game
Secret Game Challenge Prize

Unlocking the Secrets of the Lost Desert

See if your wisdom can match that of the great Geb Sutek by scoring 1,000 in Sutek's Tomb!

Suteks Riches Scratchcard
Theme Challenge Prize

Demolition Derby

Aaa says, "Are you ready to rumble? I SAID, ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?! Each of today's games shares a common theme -- smashing, bashing, and destruction! Can you figure out all five before it's too late?"

Cymbal Bashing Mynci
Tomato Smasher

Qualifying Games[edit]

Only scores and challenge cards submitted from the following list of games counted toward the completion of challenges.


At the end of the event, users were rewarded with trophies based on how many challenges that they had completed.

Trophy 1 2007.gif Trophy 2 2007.gif Trophy 3 2007.gif Trophy 4 2007.gif
1 challenge complete 5 challenges complete 10 challenges complete 15 challenges complete
Trophy 5 2007.gif Trophy 6 2007.gif Trophy 7 2007.gif Trophy 8 2007.gif
20 challenges complete 25 challenges complete 30 challenges complete 35 challenges complete

Behind the scenes[edit]

Several of the challenge titles refer to other works:

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