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2009's Games Master Challenge was themed around Neopets 10th anniversary.

The fourth annual Games Master Challenge began on November 24, 2009 and ended on December 1, 2010. As with previous events, Aristotle A. Avinroo challenged users to complete five Games Room related tasks each day. Completing challenges rewarded users with items, many of which were exclusive to this event. At the end of the event, users were given trophies based on how many challenges they completed.

This was the first Games Master Challenge to include a Neocash activity.


Each day's challenges this year were themed around specific periods of the site's history.

Day 1: Neopets Y1 - Y2[edit]

Non Game Challenge Prize

The Battledome's launch was among the highlights of Y2. Perhaps you and your friends aren't in the battling mood, though. Maybe you should send a couple of them challenges to top your game scores instead?

  • Send two game challenges to another user.
Bottled Earth Faerie
Secret Challenge Prize

Submit this score for this game of pairing plaster-wearers, which arrived on the 16th day of Hunting, Y2.

Piece of a treasure map
3 Times Challenge Prize

Show that you can follow instructions by sending three scores of 100 or more at Techo Says, the first game ever released on the Neopets site!

Techo Says Bobblehead
Lands Challenge Prize

Known originally as "the Winter World," this land is home to such Neopian attractions as the Snowager, and Advent Calendar. Watch for falling pianos as you score 800 in this frosty favourite. Avoid Snow Wurms and getting a bloated tummy while scoring 500 or more in this classic Ice Caves game.

Igloo Garage Sale Background
Many Games Challenge Prize

Are you sitting down? Brace yourself... here it comes: submit a score for one of the challenge's qualifying games. What arduous demands will TNT think of next?!?

  • Send a score for one qualifying game.
Checkerboard Pizza

Day 2: Neopets Y3[edit]

Lands Challenge Prize

This prehistoric land gained its independence in Y3. Tally a score of 500 or higher in its smashingly successful boulder-clearing game.

Brucey B Biography
Species Challenge Prize

Y3 marked the arrival of a mischievous lot of long-tailed pranksters. Round up a score of 100 or higher in a game featuring this species that's sure to have you seeing red. Capture trophies while avoiding the Lyins on your way to a score of 150 or greater in this game of brotherly larceny.

Coltzan Negg
3 Times Challenge Prize

Caw! Send three scores of 1700 or higher as you upgrade your weapons, dodge ferocious enemies, and attempt to save the homes of your poor fellow villagers.

North America: Send three scoops, er, scores of 600 or higher in this sponsored game.

  • Submit three scores of 600 or more in Littlest Pet Shop Crazy Cones!.
Paper Pteri Toy
Secret Challenge Prize

Everyone will be pulling for you as you attempt to take down enough challengers to amass this unknown score in this game set in the Lost Desert, which happens to have been discovered in Y3.

Tugging for War
Many Games Challenge Prize

Okay, a little tougher this time around. Your new task is to submit a score on... wait for it... 10 qualifying challenge games! How will you ever manage?!?

  • Send a score for ten qualifying game.
Dr Sloth Poster

Day 3: Neopets Y4[edit]

Heroes and Villains Challenge Prize

This snot-soaked menace began leaving behind a trail of destruction (among other things) all the way back in Y4. Salute this slimy scoundrel with a score of 12,000 in his game, which followed a few years later.

Snot Garland
Lands Challenge Prize

This kingdom, which debuted in Y4, is known for its rich farmlands and foul-tempered ruler. Gather berries while rolling past obstacles on your way to a score of 125 or higher. Can you maintain the balance of your teetering items long enough to get a score of 200 in this test of skill?

Berry and Marrow Casserole
Non Game Challenge Prize

Skarl's kingdom is host to a number of simple, yet entertaining, activities and games. To complete this challenge, view the scores of any five qualifying games..

  • View the high scores of any five qualifying games.
Jeran Rocks Bean Bag
Petpet Challenge Prize

Ever since this game launched in Y4, Petpets have been petrified of being featured alongside its greedy Chia protagonist. Keep enough Petpets on the table to reach a score of 60.

Many Games Challenge Prize

Surely, there will be chaos in the streets of Neopia when it's revealed that completing this challenge requires the submission of scores for 20 qualifying challenge games. Say it isn't so!

  • Send a score for twenty qualifying game.
King Skarl Stamp

Day 4: Neopets Y5[edit]

Non Game Challenge Prize

Back on the 19th day of Celebrating in Y5, Neopians were given a greater voice with regard to site games when this feature was added. Make a suggestion using this feature for two qualifying games.

  • Rate two different qualifying games.
The Secret of Tagobo
Secret Challenge Prize

Interest in the study of molecular structures was compounded in Y5, thanks to this game. Complete the challenge by building a solid score in this creepy Haunted Woods puzzle game.

Chemistry Candy Set
Lands Challenge Prize

Some claim that a land made entirely of jelly made its wobbly way into Neopia during Y5. Those who make such a preposterous claim would also have you believe that this challenge can be completed by submitting a very real score of 300 in this game.

Jelly Hand Mirror
3 Times Challenge Prize

Complete this challenge by sending three scores of 650 or greater as you dodge pop-ups while rushing to defeat Race Robot in this game starring Ace Zafara.

North America: Skate and refuel to a score of 2500 in this sponsor game.

  • Submit three scores of 2,500 or more in BodyByMilk Skateboard Refuel.
Tombola Tips
Many Games Challenge Prize

By now you probably think that you've gotten the hang of this whole "submit scores for X number of qualifying games" thing. Oh yeah? Well how about this one: submit 30 qualifying game scores! Ahh... not so easy now, is it?

  • Send a score for thirty qualifying game.
Green Uni Morphing Potion

Day 5: Neopets Y6[edit]

Lands Challenge Prize

Neopia's moon was discovered during the month of Hunting in Y6. Can you complete this out-of-this-world challenge?
- Rearrange the rocks till you've cracked enough codes to get 500 points or more.
- Help the Grundo astronaut avoid obstacles while flying in circles to reach a score of 75 or higher.

Puzzles of Space
Heroes and Villains Challenge Prize

Two Y6 games included the pairing of a Cybunny on vacation and a Grundo revolutionary. Help this duo dodge a fleet of Virtupets Fighters and achieve a score of at least 400. Next, get at least 800 points while helping this pair gather the parts of their ship so they can leave Kreludor.

Lord Darigan Stamp
Petpet Challenge Prize

In Y6, a magnificent invention known as the Juice-O-Matic made its debut, delivering tasty Juppie Juice to grateful Meepits throughout Neopia. Get a score of 2700 or greater while giving the Meepits their juice, or face the possibility of getting your face bitten...

3 Times Challenge Prize

Fore! To complete this challenge, wow the gallery as you cruise to a score of 300 or more on the links.

North America: Help CinnaMon™ in his quest to find Apple™ by sending a score of 60 or greater for this game whose sponsor goes great with milk!

  • Submit three scores of 60 or more in Apple Jacks Apple-y Recovery.
Golf Clubs with Fuzzy Covers
Many Games Challenge Prize

Just when you thought you'd exhausted your ability to send qualifying game scores... ha HA, another challenge! This time, send scores for 40 qualifying games.

  • Send a score for forty qualifying game.
Taelia Doll

Day 6: Neopets Y7 - Y8[edit]

Petpet Challenge Prize

With the aid of his trusty Lightmite, this Petpet needs to escape a mine that's been closed off by a rockslide (picking up a few precious gems along the way). Gather a brilliant score of 800 or more to complete this phase of the challenge.

Balloon Patches
Many Games Challenge Prize

Okay... this is getting ridiculous, right? There's simply no way that you're going to complete this challenge. Might as well throw it out, though. Send 55, count 'em, 55 qualifying challenge game scores. Good luck with that!

  • Send a score for fifty-five qualifying game.
Hall of Heroes Cake
Lands Challenge Prize

The discovery of this ancient land founded by a small, heroic group, was a highlight of Y8. Look out for Minitheuses as you make a delivery for the king and post a score of 3500 or greater. Show Neopia you're the finest Yooyu trainer by rolling up a score of 700 or more in this strategy game.

King Altador Figure
3 Times Challenge Prize

Pair up the tiles until they're all gone - that's how it's done in this Shenkuu gaming classic. Send a score of 250 or better three times to clear this challenge from the board.

  • Submit three scores of 250 or more in Kou-Jong.
Blue Daisy Bracelet
Many Games Challenge Prize

There are plenty of great games in the land of flying ships and many more in the Games Room! To complete this challenge, take a trip into the Games Room to find a trio that you like best and add them to your favourites.

  • Add three games to your favourites list.
Garin Plushie

Day 7: Neopets Y9[edit]

Secret Challenge Prize

If you harbour any intention of completing this challenge, you'll need a certain score in this game that features a Gnorbu character from Y9's Journey to the Lost Isle plot.

Scrap Paper
Heroes and Villains Challenge Prize

This epic showdown between Neopia's favourite Wocky antihero and his arch nemesis Hubrid Nox was remade in Y9. Can you stop brooding long enough to blast your way to a score of 175 or higher?

Evil Cybunny Plushie
3 Times Challenge Prize

Shenkuu's searching for a new batch of top scholars, but first you have to prove that you're up to the test. Sending three scores of 700 or greater should do the trick!

Professor Hugo Fairweather Plushie
Petpet Challenge Prize

Oh, sure... the Petpet Protection League might not be happy about it, but they're not the ones who have to live under a curse now, are they? Keep that Terror Mountain cave dweller fed and the jinx at bay while getting a score of 50 or more.

Snowbeast Horns
Many Games Challenge Prize

Whew, almost there! Sure it sounds difficult, but there's only one more challenge after this one. Alright, ready? Here it is: send scores for 70 qualifying game challenges. Alright now, go on. You can do it!

  • Send a score for seventy qualifying game.

Day 8: Neopets Y10 - Y11[edit]

Lands Challenge Prize

It seems there simply weren't enough doughnutfruits in Mystery Island to keep Woogy and Jimmi happy, so they packed up their seesaw and hit the road. Tally a total of greater than 850 in the Meridellian version of this popular game.

Grinning Sloth Stamp
Non Game Challenge Prize

Sooo many games have been added to the Neopets site over the past decade that rating 20 of the qualifying flash variety to complete this challenge should be no problem, right?

  • Rate the difficulty of twenty different qualifying games.
Dr Sloth Collectables
Secret Challenge Prize

Gather enough spinning spheres in the Neopian night sky to turn in this score or more in this pirouetting puzzle game.

Spinacle Thought Bubble
Petpet Challenge Prize

It'll take a steady hand to keep Captain Arf from losing both his crew and his lunch in this rollicking Krawk Island game. Conquer the seas with a score of 400 or more.

Anti-Sea Sick Pills
Many Games Challenge Prize

At last, the final challenge! You've gotten all this way... no time to quit now! To put this challenge away, send scores for 85 qualifying games.

  • Send a score for eighty-five qualifying game.
Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes

Qualifying games[edit]

Only scores and challenge cards submitted from the following list of games counted toward the completion of challenges.

Neocash activity[edit]

Following her introduction in Daily Dare 2009, Aristotle's cousin Lulu issued additional Neocash challenges in conjunction with this event. To participate, players had to purchase Games Master Challenge NC Challenge ticket packs from the NC Mall. These came in either packs of one for 300 NC, or packs of eight for 1,500 NC.

Each day, Lulu challenged the player with two additional tasks. The player had to use a ticket in order to complete the challenges for a certain day. For each challenge they completed, the player earned an exclusive Neocash wearable item. Bonus wearables were given out at the end of the event depending on how many challenges the player had completed.

Day 1: Neopets Y1 - Y2[edit]

Secret Challenge Prize

Help Adee scurry around those scoops and get a score of 600 in the game originally known as Ice Cream Blitz.

Ice Cream Shower
Secret Challenge Prize

While many of them live on an island off the coast of Neopia Central, this bouncy-tailed species that debuted in Y2 is popular throughout Neopia! Show that you're qualified to be King Roo's new treasurer with a score of 200 in this puzzle game.

Springy Blumaroo Toy Trinket

Day 2: Neopets Y3[edit]

Petpet Challenge Prize

These slimy space Petpets, who scooted into Neopia on the 30th day of Hiding in Y3, originally targeted the crops of a Yurble farmer. Reach a score of 4000 by keeping them from their latest target (at least temporarily).

Slorg Bopper
Lands Challenge Prize

The land that is home to Fyora, queen of the faeries, also made its debut in Y3. In this land you'll find a game that's a bubbly part of Neopia's Faerieland. Reach a score of 150 in that game.

Faerie Bubble Tiara

Day 3: Neopets Y4[edit]

Heroes and Villains Challenge Prize

Take out Dr. Sloth's army of robot Chia clowns and custard pies (before they do the same to you) as you get a score of 150 or more in this Haunted Woods source of amusement and terror.

Chia Clown Eye Patch
Species Challenge Prize

One of the most popular members of this species arrived in Y4 brewing up potions in the Haunted Woods. Cook up some fun and catch a score of 175 or more in her game.

Sophies Stew String Lights

Day 4: Neopets Y5[edit]

Secret Challenge Prize

This tropical Mynci sport of agility and skill washed ashore in Y5. Serve up a score of 50 or higher.

Net Bag with Volleyballs
Petpet Challenge Prize

A huge batch of Robot Petpets arrived at the Space Station's Petpet Shop in Y5. Among them was the Roburg 3T3, which accidentally wound up in the Recycling Centre with some other Robo-Petpets. Get them out while coming up with a score of 100 in this game.

Bumble Beam Earrings

Day 5: Neopets Y6[edit]

Heroes and Villains Challenge Prize

A plushie of this Eyrie, who once took his orders directly from a wicked trio known as The Three, appears in one of Neopia's most popular bashing games. Send him sailing for a score of 150 or more!

Kass Basher Flag
Species Challenge Prize

Along with appearing in Attack of the Slorgs and the Altador Plot since scurrying into Neopia during Y6, a masked member of this species can make blocks disappear when gathered into groups forming a 2x2 square. Show that you can do likewise with a score of 1500 or more in this island puzzle.

Goparokko Staff

Day 6: Neopets Y7 - Y8[edit]

Secret Challenge Prize

This Tyrannian game, which made its debut in Y7, requires you to blast rocks as they shoot out of a volcano before they rain down on the Neopets below. Complete the challenge by taking your best shot and getting a score of 100 or more.

Panicked Tyrannian Citizen
Lands Challenge Prize

Y7 saw the discovery of a lost city along the northern coast of Mystery Island. Spare no effort to show your familiarity with the local ways by rolling a score of 350 points or more in this game.

Skull Bowling Pin and Ball Necklace

Day 7: Neopets Y9[edit]

Secret Challenge Prize

Avoid those pesky gnomes as you attempt to toss a red ball across the finish line before time runs out, racking up a score that's greater than 200 in the process.

Gnome Background
3 Times Challenge Prize

Take dead aim at the bullseye of this game's target if you really want to pile up the points! To complete the challenge, send a trio of scores greater than 30 in this test of accuracy.

Ultimate Bullseye Balloon Bouquet

Day 8: Neopets Y10 - Y11[edit]

Petpet Challenge Prize

Pompadour won't be the only one who's pleased if you take the plunge and round up enough treasure for a score of 125 or greater in this underwater game.

Marafin Hat
3 Times Challenge Prize

This Shenkuu-themed test of reflexes and concentration has quickly become one of Neopia's top games. Master your martial arts skills and a score 375 or more to complete this challenge.

Top Chop Background

Bonus prizes[edit]

At the end of the event, users may have received bonus prizes depending on how many of the Neocash challenges they completed.

4 - 7 challenges 8 - 11 challenges 12 - 15 challenge 16 challenges
mall_gmcmedal_part.gif mall_gmcmedal_bronze.gif mall_gmcmedal_silver.gif mall_gmcmedal_gold.gif mall_bag_lulu.gif
Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Medal 2009 - Participation Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Medal 2009 - Bronze Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Medal 2009 - Silver Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Medal 2009 - Gold Lulus Gaming Bag


At the end of the event, users were rewarded with trophies based on how many challenges that they had completed.

Trophy 1 09 1e16937823.png Trophy 2 09 f571324cb9.png Trophy 3 09 d00515243e.png Trophy 4 09 217d699b57.png
1 challenge complete 5 challenges complete 10 challenges complete 15 challenges complete
Trophy 5 09 466cba2486.png Trophy 6 09 4b19800774.png Trophy 7 09 3b85b14c75.png Trophy 8 09 fa10228fe9.png
20 challenges complete 25 challenges complete 30 challenges complete 35 challenges complete

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