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Pronunciation: shen-koo
Released: September 8, 2006
Yooyuball team: Team Shenkuu

Shenkuu is a mountainous land far North of Altador in Neopia. It was made available on September 8, 2006 after the Cyodrake's Gaze plot. Like the name suggests, Shenkuu is a Chinese themed world, although it takes its design from both China and Japan (and bits of other Orient cultures). Shenkuu has been unknown to Neopians for centuries, only to be revealed by the crew of the Cyodrake's Gaze after they received help from users. Its citizens are cautious of visitors, though this isn't explained why, but they have welcomed visitors from all over Neopia, spreading their trade as they are a merchant town.

Shenkuu has a relatively wet climate, often having scattered showers across the region, and the game Key Quest has a mini-game based on the rain showers there. During the 2008 Neopies, Shenkuu was was one of the candidates for the Best Place to Live category but was beaten by Faerieland with 31% of the vote.


The Shenkuu Lunar Festival is held each year and coincides with Chinese New Year. At this time the citizens of Shenkuu relax and enjoy the festivities while new features, items and Petpets based around Shenkuu are introduced. The game, Revel Roundup. is based around the preparations for the festival. Since 2008, the festival has not been celebrated.


Main article: Cyodrake's Gaze

In Y8, the Cyodrake's Gaze, a Shenkuu merchant vessel, lost their navigator, Hoban, at sea. The crew, captained by a blue Gnorbu called Tuan had to dock at Krawk Island, unable to make it to Mystery Island due to passing through a storm and receiving damage to the ship. Many Neopians offered their help and they began searching for the lost crew member.

The ship proceeded to travel around Neopia visiting different lands and piecing together stories about Hoban and what happened to him. Only after a month of searching and the help of the player, Hoban's location was discovered and he was brought back aboard the ship.

Captain Tuan recognised the kindness and generosity of the Neopians and as a reward revealed the location of Shenkuu. At first the inhabitants of Shenkuu were wary of people visiting their land but eventually realised that visitors could help the island grow and so welcomed them.




Main article: Team Shenkuu

While Team Shenkuu has had success a Yooyuball team, usually in cup contention, their performance slipped after Altador Cup IV. They ranked 10th and 11th place in the fifth and sixth cup respectively compared to placing in the top five in the previous 3 cups.


  • A Neopedia article about Shenkuu was released on September 30, 2006, but wasn't uploaded into the servers until October 2, 2006. When users clicked the link in New Features until this point, they encountered a page saying that Neopedia article didn't exist.
  • The name Shenkuu was revealed on the Kou-jong game page accidentally when it was first released but the mistake was changed shortly after.
  • The correct name for somebody who lives in Shenkuu is Shenkuuvian.

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