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A User Lookup shows the stats of a specific player on Neopets. Can be customized by the user with different colors and images.


All the available contents of the User Lookup...

User Stats[edit]

These are items of the user lookup which cannot be edited, and must be shown at all times to all viewing users.


The name associated with the user account name. Although designed to represent the users real name, it can be used for pseudonyms, general false names, etc should the user wish. On users who are under 13 without the correct form sent to the Neopets headquarters in compliance with COPPA regulations, the section is unmodifiable and reads 'none'.

Last Spotted

Shows when the user was last on Neopets. Lowest it can show is Under one day ago and highest up to a few hundred days. If too many days pass since the users last log-in (unknown how many days), the Last Spotted bar will display "A long, long time ago".


The gender of the user. This is a customisable feature which can be changed whenever the users chooses, making it easy for a user to confuse their true identity on the Neopets.


The country the players account is stationed in. This is another customisable feature which can be changed at any time. One of the many known reasons for users to change this is to gain access to certain games, such as the Luck & Chance Games when Neopets blocked users of Australia from playing them, or for special offers available only to specific countries.

Started Playing

Shows the exact date when the user created the account. This is not necessarily when the user first joined Neopets, only when the specific account in question was created.


Visually indicates how long the user has been playing Neopets. Each shield is unique and is generally updated every month. One exception are the shields before 1-month old which go in order from Newbie to 3 days to 1, 2 and 3 weeks. The other special cases are the shields after 6 years which are updated every 6 months from then on. The oldest shield is currently 12 years.


Shows a collection of three hobbies the user enjoys. All choices that can be selected from a list of them below...

  • Art and Crafts
  • Astronomy
  • Beat Poetry
  • Binary
  • Books and Literature
  • Business and Economy
  • Candy
  • Cars
  • Chewing Bubble Gum
  • Child Daycare
  • Cinema
  • Collecting
  • Comic Books
  • Computer Games
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Programming
  • Console Games
  • Cooking and Dining
  • Culture
  • Dragons
  • Earning Neopoints
  • Eating Bratwurst
  • Eating Socks
  • Emo
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Extreme Potato Counting
  • Fashion and Clothing
  • Fishing
  • Fitness and Health
  • Flying
  • Food and Drink
  • Gaming
  • Government and Politics
  • Health and Beauty
  • Healthcare
  • Home Theatre
  • Home and Garden
  • Internet
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Legal Secretary
  • Literature
  • Model Builder
  • Music - Classical
  • Music - Country
  • Music - Dance
  • Music - Jazz
  • Music - Other
  • Music - Rock
  • News and Current Affairs
  • Ninjas
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Performing and Theatre
  • Pets - Birds
  • Pets - Cats
  • Pets - Dogs
  • Pets - Other
  • Plushies
  • Practical Jokes
  • Restocking
  • Roleplaying
  • Science and Technology
  • Sock Collecting
  • Space Exploration
  • Spiritual
  • Sports - American Football
  • Sports - Basketball
  • Sports - Extreme
  • Sports - Hockey
  • Sports - Motor
  • Sports - Soccer
  • Sports - Water
  • Sports - Winter
  • Stamp Collecting
  • Swimming
  • TV
  • TV/VCR Repair
  • Training my pet
  • Travel
  • Wussy Pirates

Some users have been known to show different hobby options than what can be chosen in the lists provided by Neopets. This is probably from special User Lookup coding the user created.


Displays a link to the user's shop, as well as its name and size, if applicable.


Displays a link to the user's gallery, as well as its name and size, if applicable.


Displays the name of and link to the user's NeoDeck, number of total cards, and how many unique cards, if applicable.


Displays the address of and link to the user's NeoHome, number of rooms, and all bought extensions, if applicable.

Guild Info

Displays the players rank in their guild and the guild's name and link to it, if applicable.

One Player BD

Links to the Battledome History and displays number of 1-Player battles fought and won in the Battledome, along with a percentage, if applicable.


Displays the link to and title of the current available adventure the user created from the Neopian Adventure Generator.

Sidebar Themes

Displays the total number of Sidebar themes the user has collected.

Secret Avatars

Shows the number of secret Avatars the user has collected.

Tyrannian Army

Shows the rank and score of the user in the Tyrannian Army. Works as a link to the Tyrannian Town hall, where the defence to The Tyrannian Invasion was organised from.

User Lookup of the Week[edit]

If a User Lookup is exceptionally well made, if may be featured in the User Lookup of the Week contest.

On April 27, 2007, Neopets released Neopets 2.0, a redesign of the website. The redisgn drastically changed the customizable HTML and CSS sections of the site, which included user lookups. Because of the changes, many user lookups appear broken and chaotic, including all the archived user lookups of the User Lookup of the Week contest. To fix this, for contest #116 starting May 2, 2007, all older entries were purged from the database.

User Trophy[edit]

Trophies are rewarded to players who have completed grand achievements in the game. These achievements cover a wide range of Neopets features: high scores in Games, winning competitions like the Poetry Contest or getting into the Art Gallery, participating in Plots, etc.

Site Event Trophies[edit]

Site Event Trophies may be war medals but can be trophies of achievement in any Plot. They are issued with different ranks depending on the user's participation in the plot, but they do not always have a different medal image per rank.

They appear on one's User Lookup, with the exception of certain pet-specific trophies (see below).

Site Feature Trophies[edit]

Site Feature Trophies are awarded for participation in certain site features. Each Defenders of Neopia series has its own series of these trophies, and the higher ones in each series replace the lower ones in the usual fashion. Each trophy signifies a win against one of the Defenders of Neopia challengers. Also among these is the Lutari Talisman.

Standard Trophies[edit]

Standard trophies are usually given out for gaining high scores in games, but can be given out for reaching a certain game stage, such as completing a game of Neoquest or having a winning caption in the Caption Competition. Standard trophies usually come in three types: gold, silver or bronze (in decreasing order of importance). There are some exceptions to this rule, for example the Invasion of Meridell trophies, which have four stages, and sometimes there is only one trophy for a certain activity, such as the Neopian Times or Beating Punchbag Bob.

Neopet Trophies[edit]

There are some trophies that may be awarded to Neopets themselves. These include third, second and first place Beauty Contest trophies if an owner's picture of the pet wins a Beauty Contest, the Faerie League key, Pet Spotlight award, or an Oldest trophy that some of the very first Neopets possess. These appear on a pet's lookup.

Other Trophies[edit]

Additionally, there is the Root canal trophy, awarded only to The Neopets Team staff members who have had root canal surgery.

There are certain trophies that are awarded only to a user's pet. These include third, second and first place Beauty Contest trophies, Faerie League Keys, and Pet Spotlight awards. These appear on a pet's lookup.


  • When a user submits their user lookup into the User Lookup of the Week contest, they do not need to resubmit into the contest. The Neopets Team will contact the user, and let them know if it's was rejected, placed on hold, accepted, etc. Resubmitting only puts the user at the very end of the list. Revealed in the the editorial of issue 239 of the Neopian Times.
  • For User Lookup of the Week contest #116 (May 2, 2007), Neopets added a feature which showed how many more user lookups they needed to go for the contest.

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