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The NeoDeck was the original online trading card game on Neopets. Players can collect their trading cards and place them in their NeoDeck, which can be shared and viewed by others through a link in their User Lookup. NeoDecks can also be named, and a description added, although the latter is only visible to the owner. They are only bought at the Collectable Card Shop.

First unveiled on January 17, 2000, NeoDecks were not officially launched immediately. Users were asked to send in their own contributions so over 100 cards could be made. Originally, the cards had stats placed within them, to be used as part of a game within Neopets, but was taken down, and replaced with the concept of just card collecting.

NeoDeck size[edit]

NeoDecks originally had limited capacity. From the 29 Feburary 2000, users were able to expand this size by paying a Neopoint fee, in the same manner as shop (or now gallery) enlargement.

This functionality was discontinued on December 5, 2003 in favour of having a limitless-sized NeoDeck, and all the Neopoints used in expanding a deck were refunded to the user.


  • The item image of all NeoDeck cards were changed on December 14, 2006.
  • Sometimes a collectable card will magically appear in a users NeoDeck from a Random Event, which reads:
    • Wow! The (name of card) Collectable Card has magically found its way into your NeoDeck!

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