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Example of a TNT operated shop when stocked with items.

Shops are the main focal point of where Neopoints are spent on Neopets. Through them, users can buy Food, Toys, and many other items to help them raise their Neopet. There are two types of shops: those controlled by The Neopets Team, or those that are owned by Neopets users.

Official Shops[edit]

The Official Shops are established by The Neopets Team and are usually focused on a certain type of object or object characteristic, such as books, rare items, chocolate and sweets, or weapons. With a TNT-run shop, prices are set at a base level, and can be haggled for less, and the base price rarely changes. There are exceptions to the rule, such as Krawk Island Nippers and the Hidden Tower.

The majority of new items come into circulation through these shops.

User Shops[edit]

Users of Neopets can buy their own shop, where they can resell items they have bought and collected. User shops are more competitive, as they usually aim to make a profit while selling their merchandise. As in real life, the goal of dedicated sellers is to buy items for a low price (either at other player shops or at the game-run shops) and sell them for a higher price to gain a profit. A users shop could contain any range and quality of items, and if the item another user is looking for isn't at a official, TNT-controlled store, searching through user shops is the only way they can find what they are looking for.

In a user-owned shop, the prices of objects are final, and cannot be haggled over. A user can choose to host the shop in the marketplaces of three different Neopian Worlds: in Neopia Central, Mystery Island, or the Haunted Woods.

Buying items at the main Neopian shops in order to resell them is called restocking (since it involves waiting until the shop restocks) and can be very profitable for a user with luck and a fast internet connection.

User Shop Alternatives[edit]

A user's shop is not the only means of selling an item at the user's disposal. An item can also be hosted on the Trading Post where other users can place offers of items and additional Neopoints, offered on existing Trading Post lots, or put up for auction. These latter options are ideal for users who wish to sell an item valued at over 99,999 NP, as this is the maximum price an item can be set at in a user-owned store.


  • Few shopkeepers of TNT-controlled shops go by names other than "The Grooming Parlour Shopkeeper," "The Toy Shop Shopkeeper," etc. Shenkuu is an example of a world where the majority of shopkeepers have names because most of its shops are owned by the sailors of the Cyodrake's Gaze.
  • There is one random event relating to shops:
Something has happened!
Re shop.gif
Your shop has suddenly increased in size! Wonder how that happened.

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