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AAA and Abigail returned to challenge players again.

Daily Dare 2008 was the second Daily Dare competition to be held. It began on 1 March 2008 and starred Aristotle A. Avinroo and his sister Abigail.

In this Daily Dare, King Roothless kidnapped the siblings and forced them to play games day and night. Players had to beat their scores to help secure their release.


King Roothless trapped AAA and Abigail in a game of his own devising.

Each day throughout March, Aristotle and Abigail made a challenge to users to beat their scores in that days "Featured Game" of the Games Room. Much like Better Than You, users could choose to beat either AAA's or Abigail's score and be rewarded an item for their win. Only AAA or Abigail could be faced off in each challenge, and once a user chose a challenge, they could not change it. Users then submitted a new score the game which topped the score of who they challenged, and returned to the Daily Dare page to collect their prize.

Beginning on 29 March, a bonus challenge called The Roothless Challenge was introduced. Users had to finish a game of Dungeon Dash to beat Roothless and claim additional prizes. This challenge closed on 31 March.

Date and Game Aristotle A. Avinroo
AAA's Challenges
Abigail's Challenges
March 1
Meepit Juice Break
2,700 = Meepit Juice Break Background 250 = Meepit Juice Break Ice Lolly
March 2
Wicked Wocky Wobble
200 = Wicked Wocky Wobble Helmet 40 = Wicked Wocky Wobble Sandwich
March 3
Itchy Invasion
1,000 = Itchy Invasion Background 125 = Petpetpet Crackers
March 4
Edna's Shadow
500 = Edna's Shadow Background 80 = Edna's Cookie
March 5
Kiko Match II
700 = Colourful Kiko Candy Basket 75 = Kiko Match II Card Game
March 6
Volcano Run II
1,500 = Lava Fountain 250 = Genuine Volcano Run II Lava Rock Good Luck Charm
March 7
Ultimate Bullseye II
85 = Ultimate Arrow Hat 15 = Ultimate Bullseye II Rice Crispie Treat
March 8
Meerca Chase II
700 = Meerca Negg 100 = Negg Candy Bracelet
March 9
Destruct-O-Match II
2,400 = Destruct-O-Match Stacking Blocks 400 = Destruct-O-Match Eraser
March 10
Crisis Courier
1,200 = Yooyu Mittens 75 = Yooyu Yoyo
March 11
Ugga Smash
500 = Tyrannian Racing Goggles 75 = Collectable Tyrannian Car Set
March 12
Sophie's Stew
400 = Sophies Hut Background 75 = Dancing Meowclops Music Box
March 13
5,000 = Secrets of Goparokko 400 = Goparokko Sugar Cubes
March 14
Bumble Beams
400 = Endangered Millipod Plushie 75 = Pile of Loose Gears
March 15
Kass Basher
850 = Unlocking the Bat: A Masters Guide 150 = Ripped Kass Plushie
March 16
Hasee Bounce
225 = Checkered Doughnutfruit Plushie 5 = Slightly Nibbled Orange E
March 17
Faerie Bubbles
1000 = Toy Faerie Bubble Launcher 150 = Faerie Bubble Balloons
March 18
Maths Nightmare
2,500 = Sleeping Imiya Plushie 200 = Serene Nightscape Snowglobe
March 19
Space Fungus
500 = Space Vessel Action Pack 50 = Asteroid Puffs Cereal
March 20
Snowball Fight
600 = Parachuting for Polarchucks 100 = Terror Mountain Snowglobe
March 21
Turmac Roll
900 = Annoyingly Hard Tree Stump 75 = Basket of Assorted Berries
March 22
Cooty Wars
600 = The Cooty Avenger 75 = Nearly Microscopic Crossbow
March 23
650 = Spilt Plant 125 = Gnome Wobble Toy
March 24
3,500 = Snow Wurm Socks 400 = Snowmuncher Cereal
March 25
Attack of the Gummy Dice
2,000 = When Gummy Dice Attack 200 = Gummy Dice Blumaroo Cards
March 26
Stowaway Sting
 ? = Guide for Stowaways  ? = Crate of Fish
March 27
Ready to Roll
400 = Spike Ball Plushie 75 = Sunshine Perfume
March 28
Jubble Bubble
600 = Maraquan Shoyru Bubble Blower 350 = Maraquan Munch Cereal
March 29
Dubloon Disaster
1,000 = Underwater Shipwreck Background 100 = Row Boat Play Set
March 30
Ice Cream Machine
7,500 = Ice Cream Scoop Hat 750 = Ice Cream Cone Plushie
March 31
Meepit Vs Feepit
2000 = Meepit Vs Feepit Background 200 = Tattered Meepit Plushie


Unlike the Games Master Challenge, the prizes given out were the same for every user, but differed depending on who the user challenged - Abigail or AAA. There were four additional prizes and titles given to users for fulfilling certain criteria by the end of the month.

This year, there were additional prizes to be won for defeating King Roothless' final challenge.

Title Criteria Prize
Spifftastic Users must have defeated AAA or Abigail at all 31 games by the end of the 31st day of Daily Dare. Silver Trophy + Abigail Gumball Machine
Megasuperb Users must have defeated AAA at all 31 games by the end of the 31st day of Daily Dare. Silver Trophy + AAA Gumball Machine
Uberiffic Users must have defeated AAA or Abigail on the launch day of each of the 31 games. Gold Trophy + Math Slingshot
The Ultimate Prize Users must have Defeated AAA on the launch day of each of the 31 games. Gold Trophy + Tyrannian Army Math Tools
If you didn't finish the daily dare Users failed to beat AAA or Abigail's scores for the duration of the daily dare. Bronze Trophy + Abigail Daily Dare Badge
If you beat Roothless' Challenge Users must have defeated Roothless in the additional challenge. Roothless Action Figure + How to be Roothless + Destruct-o-Match Shirt
If you didn't beat Roothless' Challenge Users failed to defeat Roothless in the additional challenge. I Lost to Roothless Sign, Roothless Tilt Maze Game

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