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The Daily Dare 2011 is a gaming event that began on March 1, 2011. As with previous Daily Dare events, users are given a daily game-related task and are rewarded if they complete the challenge. Daily Dare 2011 introduced Team Challenges and Retro Challenges, and in a departure from previous years, there were only four types of trophies given out at the end of the event.


Date and Game AAA Abigail lulu.jpg Lulu (NC Challenge) Bonus Prize
Score Prize Score Prize Score Prize
March 1
Top Chop
1,000 Shenkuu Training School Background 325 Best Woods for Chopping 400 Top Chop Coin Shower Pile of Wooden Planks
March 2
Crisis Courier
3,500 Altador Pillars Foreground 325 Altador Fruit on a Plate 400 Altadorian Doll House The Yooyu
March 3
Faerie Bubbles
1,000 Faerieland Cloud Background 150 Faerie Bubbles in a Bottle 200 Faerie Bubble Foreground Delicious Faerie Bubbles
March 4
Imperial Exam
825 Imperial Exam Desk 150 Imperial Guard Staff 200 Ink Mustache Beginners Spelling Scroll
March 5
Ultimate Bullseye II
70 Meridellian Tower 12 King Skarl Balloon 20 Flag and Arrow Garland I Love Turtums Mug
March 6
3,800 Snow Block Belt 475 Bloat B Gone 550 Falling Ice Block Foreground Trapped Snow Wurm
March 7
800 Linae Shoes 90 Traditional Shenkuu Cushion 150 Glowing Hanging Lanterns Kou-Jong Cheesecake
March 8
Faerie Cloud Racers
1,100 Delicate Mushroom Foreground 75 Faerie Cloud Meringues 100 Cloud Staff Dream Clouds
March 9
32,500 Kookith String Lights 20,000 Kookith Cookies 25,000 Starburst Shower Kookith Vegan Platter
March 10
Chemistry For Beginners
400 Scientific Wig 75 Chemistry for Beginners Set 90 Fancy Lab Coat Book of Chemical Reactions
March 11
Hannah and the Kreludor Caves
25,000 Kreludan Treasure Chest 2,000 Portable Oxygen Tank 4,000 Pink and Purple Striped Hoodie Hannah Bobblehead
March 12
Hasee Bounce
225 Doughnutfruit Scarf 40 Jimmi and Woogy Egg Dolls 60 Teeter Totting Hasees Model Hassee Bounce See Saw
March 13
Level 5 Fancy Petpetpet Tights Level 2 Bumbluz Plushie Level 3 Petpet Goo Blaster Piece of a Scratchcard
March 13
Itchy Invasion
1,000 Fancy Petpetpet Tights 200 Bumbluz Plushie N/A N/A Itchy Scratchy Cream
March 14
Nova Defender
700,000 Nova Gems Garland 20,000 Nova Defender Cereal 25,000 Dusk to Dawn Background Nova
March 15
The Usul Suspects
550 Pile of Baby Bottles 45 Broom for Bratty Usuls 65 Series of Tubes Foreground Lime Jelly Usul
March 16
Chia Bomber 2
600 Muddy Hat 25 Mud Facepaint Kit 35 Water Splash Yellow Chia Plushie
March 17
Dueling Decks
18,000 Striped Dueling Shirt 1900 Dueling Decks Mat 65 Zenco the Magnificent Contacts Magic Deck
March 18
825 Eerie Gnome Hat 250 Stack A Gnome 350 Wingoball Heart Tree Chomby Gnome Collectable Charm
March 19
Dubloon Disaster
900 Boat Lantern 45 The Art of Avoiding Mines 65 Dorak's Boat Skeith Chocolate Dubloon
March 20
Sutek's Tomb
3,100 Sutek's Tomb Garland 300 Wind-Up Geb 400 Lost Desert Pyramids Background Gebmid Jellies
March 21
Trouble at the National Neopian
550 Comfortable Muumuu 200 Wind-Up Techo Thief 300 Shiny Bag of Coins Ownow Bank
March 22
Jumpin' Gem Heist
50,000 Sandan Scarf 18,000 Heists That Jump 22,000 Jumpin Gem Heist Garland Gummy Gem Cupcake
March 23
Wrath of the Snowager
600,000 Snowager Bobblehead 14,000 Snowager Doughnut 19,000 Snowager Arm Cuff Snowager Ice Centerpiece
March 24
Petpet Cannonball
450 Petpet Cannonball Cannon 30 Pirate Angelpuss Plushie 40 Petpet Cannonball Skull Shower Green Frost Cannon
March 25
Turmac Roll
750 Turmac Hat 100 Chocolate Covered Unguberry 180 Turmac Hoodie Voidberry Pudding
March 26
Kass Basher
875 Kass Hand Sock Puppet 125 Pirate Angelpuss Plushie 220 Magical Stick of Bread Lord Kass Scooter
March 27
Neopian Battlefield Legends
90,000 Neopian Battlefield Legends Gloves 3,200 Neopian Battlefield Legends Tarts 4,000 Battlefield Legends Armour Battle Ready!
March 28
7,000 Goparokko Statue Foreground 1,000 Goparokko Crunch Cereal 1,300 Goparokko Jungle Foreground Reject Goparokko Plushie
March 29
Extreme Herder
150 Looming Balthazar Shadow 50 Frozen Balthazar Plushie 70 Mini Petpet Plushes Babaa Tales
March 30
Ugga Smash
500 Lava Puddle 100 Turbo Steak Meat 175 Smoke Cloud Ugga Ugg Times
March 31
3,450 Smiling Spinacles Mask 450 Smiley Spinacle Ball Lollypop 600 Golden Spinacles Background Fun Games

Two games were offered for the March 13 challenge. International users, as well as users who set the site to certain languages, played Itchy Invasion instead of Habitarium

Team Challenges[edit]

The Team Challenge debuted in Daily Dare 2011. Every Friday, users were given the option to team up with another user to defeat either AAA or Abigail. If both users manage to beat the Daily Dare score, they receive an additional prize. Users have the weekend to complete a Team Challenge; after Sunday, they can only complete the normal Abigail or AAA challenges.

Date Game AAA Prize Abigail Prize
March 4-6 Imperial Exam AAA Host Cane Framed Photograph of AAA
March 11-13 Hannah and the Kreludor Caves AAA Host Shirt and Jacket How to be a Gaming Champ
March 18-21 Wingoball AAA Host Trousers Gaming Fuel
March 25-27 Turmac Roll AAA Host Shoes Abigail Sock Puppet

Retro Challenge Tuesdays[edit]

The 2011 Daily Dare marked the first appearance of Retro Challenge Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, Lulu re-released an old NC Challenge from the 2010 Daily Dare and made it available for users to complete. To participate in Retro Challenge Tuesdays, users had to first purchase a Daily Dare NC Retro Challenge Tuesdays Game Ticket from the NC Mall for 500 NC and then activate it from their inventory. There were five retro challenges in total:

Date Game Score Prize
March 1 Meerca Chase II 140 Sparkling Negg Wig
March 8 Pterattack 150 Tyrannian Bonfire
March 15 Snow Roller 200 Downhill Snowball Background
March 22 Chariot Chase 200 Chariot Chase Chariot
March 29 Spellseeker 15000 Glowing Book of Spells

Staff Tournament[edit]

The annual staff tournament, which was added as a Daily Dare activity in 2010, returned in 2011 with a brand new format. Every Friday afternoon, Neopets users were presented with two teams, each of which were composed of two Neopets staff members. Users were then asked select the team that they thought would score higher on that week's selected game. When the winning team was announced on the following Thursday, users who correctly selected the winning team were rewarded with an exclusive prize, while users that picked the wrong team received a less desirable booby prize. The staff tournament ran for four weeks in total:

Dates Game Team Name Team Members Winner Prize Booby Prize
March 4 Imperial Exam Scaly-wags Dragona and Viola Scaly-wags We dont need stinkin apostrophes! Well Done Card
Inept Megalomania Kid Hawk and Mr. Insane
March 11 Hannah and the Kreludor Caves Polarchuck Opposites Blitzkrieg and Squiggles Polarchuck Opposites Darigan Poogle Plushie Stone Paddleball Game
Super Unstoppable Mega Force Breik and V-Man
March 18 Wingoball The Team Your Team Could Smell Like Dirigibles and SeñorMalo Star and Order Randomly Firing Freeze Ray Club And Rock Game
Star and Order Comastar and Lawyerbot
March 25 Turmac Roll Frenemies Snarkie and Twitterpate Frenemies Pile of Slightly-chewed Socks Bobbleheads and Neopian Cultures
The SarcastiCons LornaDesparow and DJ Skellington


The trophy categories for Daily Dare 2011 were greatly simplified from previous years. In 2010, there were 11 possible trophies; in 2011, there were only four. Users who defeated all 31 NC Challenges received no additional trophy, but were rewarded with bonus NC Mall prizes.

The end of Daily Dare marked the debut of Blumaroll, an NC Mall game that awards wearables. Every user who received a Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophy won one or two Blumaroo Dice 1-Packs, each good for a single play.

Category Criteria Prizes
Dd11 trophy gold.gif
Defeat AAA in all 31 challenges. Daily Dare Site Theme
Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack x2
Dd11 trophy silver.gif
Complete all 31 challenges, defeating AAA at least once. Daily Dare Site Theme
Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack
Dd11 trophy bronze.gif
Defeat Abigail in all 31 challenges. Daily Dare Site Theme
Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack
Participation Medal
Dd11 participant badge.gif
Complete at least one challenge. Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack
NC Challenge Defeat Lulu in all 31 challenges. Daily Dare NC Challenge Y13 Gold Medal
NC Challenge Curtains Foreground
Lulus Y13 Shoes
Lulus Y13 Dress

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