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A Book is a type of item which raises a Neopet's Intelligence, created sometime in 1999. The exact date is unknown because The Neopets Team did not start archiving the site changes until January 2000.

After being read, the book disappears in a puff of smoke - this was a featured added on February 15, 2001 to preserve the value of books - and the Neopet cannot read that book again. A book raises a Neopet's intelligence determined by the colour of the smoke it leaves behind after being read. Since books disappear after one use and many users are competitive about having their pet read as many books as possible, some books go for very high prices.

Some items are technically books, but are not considered book items because they cannot be read. Ramtors Spellbook and Grimoire Of Thade for example, are weapons.

Book types

There are many different types of books besides the basic book, which can be about any story in Neopia, while others specialise in certain topics and come from a certain world in Neopia.

Booktastic Book

Released on May 5, 2004, Booktastic Books are from Kreludor and bought from the Booktastic Books shop. They tell tales of Kreludor and the Orange Grundos who inhabit the land.

Brightvale Books

Released on August 11, 2004, Brightvale Books are from Brightvale and bought from the Brightvale Books shop. In keeping with Brightvale's intellectual reputation, many books serve as guides for various pursuits (such as stained glass making) and the preservation of knowledge in general.

Desert Scroll

Released on June 26, 2001, Desert Scrolls are from the Lost Desert and can be bought from Sutek's Scrolls (currently in Sakhmet). Tales are about the Lost Desert and its inhabitants, along with certain curses.

Faerie Book

Released on January 14, 2001, Faerie Books come from Faerieland, and can be bought from the Faerieland Bookshop. All Faerie Book stories tell tales of Faeries and of the world of Faerieland. Several Faerie Books possess wings or are surrounding in a magical aura. As of June 2007, there are 59 Faerie Books.

Moltaran Books

Released on November 12, 2009, Moltaran Books come from Moltara and can be purchased from The Arcanium. Books of this type are about different aspects of Moltaran culture, such as Magma, metallurgy, steam engineering, and gears.

Qasalan Tablets

Released on November 29, 2005, books of this type were added to Neopets when Qasala was freed from its curse. They are bought at Words of Antiquity. Tales include the history and certain aspects of the land of Qasala.

Book Awards

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If a Neopet reads a lot of books, it's possible for them to be rewarded with a special trophy, which is placed on the Neopet's Pet Lookup. There are two possible trophies the Neopet can earn. The first is the Neopian Book Award, released on January 23, 2002, which is reached by reading any type of book to add to the total number of books read. The second is the Booktastic Book Award, released on July 28, 2004, which is similar to the Neopian Book Award, except it's only given to Neopets who have read the most Booktastic Books.

The trophies are rewarded to the Neopets who have read the most books of all Neopets on the Neopets website. If another Neopet reads more books than a Neopet with a trophey, that Neopet's spot on the list is taken over, and it's possible for their trophy to be taken as well (depending where they are on the list).


  • On January 11, 2001, users could now keep track of all the books their pets had read.
  • On December 7, 2001, all the Videos were changed into super-rare books, the reason being that TNT felt that videos did not suit the technology level of Neopia.

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