The Arcanium

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The Arcanium, also known as Moltaran Books, is a shop in the Moltara Caves that sells books. It is owned by a Magma Yurble.


This section documents a list of items sold in a shop.
This list may become incomplete as the shop releases new items.
  • Book of Chemical Reactions
  • Cave Dwellings
  • Cooking With Magma
  • Cooling the Fires
  • Dirt is Your Friend
  • Discovery of the Magma Pool
  • Fire Stones
  • Functional Goggle Design
  • Get Geared
  • How to Clean with Steam
  • Interior Decorating with Rocks and Cogs
  • Quarry Life
  • Rocky Times News Journal
  • Steam Containment Manual
  • Steam Engineering
  • Steam for Fun and Profit
  • Steam of Life
  • Uses of Obsidian
  • Steam of Life
  • We Like it Hot
  • Workshop Safety Procedures

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