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Long hours of practice helped Aristotle achieve his best scores.

Aristotle A. Avinroo, also known as The Games Master or AAA, is a Yellow Blumaroo gamer introduced after the Games Room's redesign on 21st November 2006. He considers himself to be the best gamer in Neopia, and has set several challenges for other Neopians to try and beat him.

He floats around in a special chair, bought for him by his mother; lives in his parents basement; and is humoured by his sister, Abigail, who finds him amusing. He first appeared in 2006 with the redesign of the Games Room, and between then and 2013 he challenged players twice a year to beat him at gaming in the Daily Dare and Games Master Challenge contests. Between 2009 and 2012, he also challenged players to beat his score whenever a new title was released in the New Game Challenge.

Plot summaries[edit]

Games Master Challenge[edit]

Main article: Games Master Challenge
"This thing isn't easy to fly, you know."

Upon the release of the redesigned Games Room, Aristotle set users a selection of gaming related challengers on a number of qualifying Flash Games. There were twelve challenges, five of which had hidden terms that were not revealed until the challenge was completed. Challenges included sending a score on a set number of of games, sending a challenge card, sending multiple challenge cards, and adding a game to the users favourite games list.

Completion of each of the challenges earned the user a random prize, but all the challenges had to be completed in 8 days of the plot's release. Originally, this was going to be a day less, but was extended because users under 13 (without parental permission) were having technical difficulties with the challenges.

Games Master Challenge returned every November until the last competition in 2013. From 2011, the Games Master Challenges were themed as team competitions: Brains vs Brawn, Pirates vs. Ninjas, and Sun vs Moon.

Daily Dare[edit]

Main article: Daily Dare

Every day for the month of March, in 2007, Aristotle challenged users to beat his score in a differing game each day. Additionally, his sister Abigail also laid down a lower score that users could challenge if they wished to, instead of Aristotle's. The user did not need to stick to one or the other's score to challenge in each of the different games - they could challenge AAA's score one day and his sisters the next, for example, should they wish to.

Completion of each day's challenge awarded the user with a prize. The prize items were solely released in conjunction with this plot, unlike the Games Master Challenge.

Additionally, there were additional prizes available for beating AAA at each game on their day of release, for beating AAA or Abigail at each game on their day of release, for defeating AAA at all of his games by the end of the challenge, and for defeating AAA or Abigail at all of the games by the end of the challenge. Lulu, AAA's cousin, introduced a Neocash part of the event.

Daily Dare returned every year until the last competition in 2013. In 2008, AAA and Abigail were kidnapped during the competition by King Roothless. In 2012, it coincided with another new design of the Games Room, and AAA inadvertently caused Roo Island to be overrun by bugs - literally Petpetpets. In 2013, AAA was at summer camp, and Abigail had to enlist Chadley's help to run the event.

New Game Challenge[edit]

Main article: New Game Challenge

Beginning in July 2009, Aristotle challenged users to beat his score in each new game that was released. The format of the challenge is similar to Daily Dare, where Abigail has a lower score than AAA and Lulu has a special NC Mall Challenge, and a prize is received for beating a challenger. Unlike in Daily Dare, players could earn prizes from both siblings.

The New Game Challenge was discontinued when Assignment 53 was released in 2012. The last game to be featured was Invasion: Blastoids.


  • According to his Neopedia Article, released 2nd March 2007, he is 14 years old.
  • He is featured in a Neo Greeting advertising the Daily Dare.
  • He is named after the great Greek philosopher Aristotle.


  • There is an avatar for the Daily Dare which can be earned by beating AAA or Abigail. It has not been available since 2008.

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