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ID # 1288
World Altador
Category Action
High Scores
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Yooyuball is a sport that originated in Altador and has since become popular all over Neopia. In this game, two teams, each containing five players, play against each other. The object of the game is to score goals by getting a Yooyu, which serves as the game's ball, into the opponent's net. Yooyuball players use specially designed slings to catch, carry, and pass Yooyus. A Yooyuball tournament called the Altador Cup is held every year at the Colosseum in Altador.

Yooyuball is one of the four flash games that can only be played during Altador Cup.

Positions and Formations[edit]

There are three major positions in the sport of Yooyuball: forward, defender, and goalkeeper. Forwards are offensively-minded players that focus on scoring goals. Defenders are defensive players that are responsible for disrupting the opponent's offense. They also provide support for their team's forwards. Goalkeepers are purely defensive players. They stay near their own net at all times and block incoming shots.

All teams are required to have a exactly one goalkeeper. The number of forwards and defenders on a team depends of the formation that the team is using. Their are three commonly used formations:

3 + 1 An offense-focused formation that consists of a left forward, a centre forward, a right forward, a centre defender and a goalkeeper.
1 + 3 A defense-focused formation that consists of a centre forward, a left defender, a centre defender, a right defender, and a goalkeeper.
2 + 2 A balanced formation that consists of a left forward, a right forward, a left defender, a right defender, and a goalkeeper.

How to Play[edit]

Before starting, the player must choose the direction that they want to play in and the formation that they want to use. After a short introductory animation, the game begins. When playing the game, the player controls only one Yooyuball team member at a time. Usually, the team member that the player controls is the one that is closest to the ball. Users can move team members around the field using either the arrow keys or the mouse pointer. If a team member touches a Yooyu that is on the ground, they will automatically pick it up. When a team member is holding a Yooyu, the player can use the either the space bar or left mouse button to throw the ball. Holding down the throw button will charge up the throw. The more a throw is charged, the further it will go; however, team members move more slowly when charging. When a team member is not holding a Yooyu, the throw button can instead be used to dash. Dashing into an opponent with a Yooyu in their possession will cause the team member to steal the Yooyu from the opponent. Players can use the V key to quickly switch to their goalkeeper when the Yooyu is near their net. They can also use the shift key to return all of their team members to their starting positions.

Each game of Yooyuball lasts 3 minutes. The team with the most points when time expires is the winner. If both teams have the same number of points at the end of the game, a draw is declared. Every time a player sumbits a winning score or a draw, they earn points toward their next Altador Cup rank. They also earn victory points for their Altador Cup team. Wins are worth more points than draws.


Yooyus are a species of Altadorian Petpet that have the ability to curl up into a ball. Only the strongest, most rigourously trained Yooyus are allowed to participate in the sport of Yooyuball. There are seven types of Yooyu. Each type behaves differently when traveling through the air. A random type of Yooyu is selected each time a new ball is put into play:

Normal Yooyuball.gif Normal
Moves in a straight line at normal speed.
Fire Yooyuball.gif Fire
Moves in a straight line at high speed. Because it is so hot, players can only carry it for a short time.
Snow Yooyuball.gif Snow
Moves in a straight line at low speed. Because it is so cold, players carrying it move slightly slower.
Faerie Yooyuball.gif Faerie
Moves in an arc pattern at normal speed.
Darigan Yooyuball.gif Darigan
Moves in a straight line at normal speed, but in a randomly selected direction.
Clockwork Yooyuball.gif Clockwork
Moves in a straight line at normal speed, but explodes after several seconds on the field.
Mutant Yooyuball.gif Mutant
This Yooyu behaves as either a Fire, Snow, Faerie, or Darigan Yooyu. It can change behavior in the middle of play.


During Altador Cup VI, four new power-ups were added to the game. These power-ups appear randomly in different locations on Yooyuball field. Power-ups activate immediately after they are touched. They last for 15 seconds or until there is a stoppage in play. Computer-controlled teams cannot use power-ups. There are four power-ups in all:

Speedboost.gif Speed Boost
Increases the speed of all the players on your team.
Goal Expansion.gif Goal Expansion
Increases the size of your opponent's goal.
Mysterypower.gif Mystery Power-up
Increases the size of all the players on your team.
FreezeOppo.gif Freeze Opponent
Freezes all the players on your opponent's team in place.


  • The gameplay for Yooyuball is inspired by that of the real-life sports of jai alai and lacrosse.