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Moltara joined in Altador Cup V. There was a lot of hype for them coming into the Cup, expected to be a serious contender, however it would be an understatement to say they were a huge disappointment. Having never won a single Yooyuball game, they came in 18th place going into the finals, and stayed that way until the end. Though they may not be the best Yooyuball squad, they have an undeniable fighting spirit.

Unfortunately, Altador Cup VI gave no new improvements to the team. However, things were looking up when Moltara went into the consolation bracket with 3 Yooyuball wins, including an upset win over powerhouse team Krawk Island, while Altador, the other team in the consolation bracket, had none. However, they lost key games in Yooyuball, winning two and losing two, while Team Altador found an undeniable prowess in Slushie Slinger. As a result, Moltara finished dead last for the second year in a row.

In Altador Cup VII, the new style of play did not affect Moltara's chances very much, but slow improvement was seen, as they swept Faerieland twice. Though their wins were rare, claiming very few in Yooyuball and a fair amount in the side games, they managed to pull through to climb up the standings slightly, going up to 15th.

By 2013 Moltara tried their chances with a new Goalkeeper, namely the experienced Tyrannian Harlis Neyhbol. Unluckely the effect of improvement was only temporary. After having their best score ever of a 15th place, they dropped back to the 18th place in Altador Cup VIII.

Moltara started Altador Cup IX with the objective not to become last this year. Their enthousiasm brought them to a far higher level then anticipated though. They were even for a while a favorite to win the Cup. This dream was however crushed by former winners Haunted Woods and Virtupets. They had to satisfy with the 3rd place. But there was no sadness, because they had written history for their land.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't last. By the next tournament, Altador Cup X, Team Moltara fell back to old patterns and struggled to make good on their improvements from last year. They faced a great deal of opposition just to avoid getting swept, not to mention winning a game. They had even been swept by Haunted Woods, who would go on to place last. However, thanks to little victories over other weaker teams, and a single upset against Darigan Citadel, Team Moltara was able to keep their heads above water, but had fallen back to old patterns with a 17th place finish. Altador Cup XI would also feature much of the same, with a second 17th place finish in a row, which did little to boost Moltaran morale.


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Team positions are as follows (bolded notes the Team Captain):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2010 Mor Gollog Vere Polnicek Zax Bannet Aldric Beign Tulah Kisner
2013 Harlis Neyhbol

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 --
2007 --
2008 --
2009 --
2010 18th
2011 18th
2012 15th
2013 18th
2014 3rd
2015 17th
2016 17th


  • In an Altador Cup News article, TNT sited Moltara's poor performance to their Yooyus taking frequent slushie breaks.