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DreamingLady is an editor of the NeoDex known for the large task of going through every single Caption Competition archive and adding links to them on articles. Has also created new articles for this purpose, and sparking discussion of Neopets history.

Note to myself[edit]

  • Split Volsan and Sultan's Quest.

To other editors[edit]

If I have a request that I am unsure of where to place, or don't think is proper material for the subject's talk page, I put it here.

  • Someone PLEASE upload a new picture for the Briana article (and delete Image:Briana.gif). And please let it be a picture of her whole body and not just her head.
  • Information wanted about:
    • The avatars from The Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle.
    • The original Aquatic petshop in Maraqua. More specifically, I need the shopkeeper's picture's URL on Neopets (if it still exists); I need to know what the name of the shop was (or confirmation if it really was "Maraquan Petpets"); I need to know whether the Rock Pool truly replaced the shop (as in: taking over the URL); I need to know when the shop was released.
    • The release date of the cardboard petpets.


  • Goes to college while playing Neopets and editing the NeoDex in free time.
  • Is the wielder of Excalibur.