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The Roo Island Merchandise Shop is a shop in Roo Island which sells Blumaroo themed items.


As of December 2010, the following 23 items are sold here...

  • Blumaroo Bed
  • Blumaroo Pad Rug
  • Blumaroo Pad Sofa
  • Blumaroo Pad Table
  • Blumaroo Sink
  • Blumaroo Toilet Paper Dispenser
  • Cot Von Roo
  • Dice-a-Roo Home Game
  • Merry Go Round Uni Statue
  • Potted Dice Plant
  • Roo Island Bath Tub
  • Roo Island Lamp
  • Roo Island Toilet
  • Springy Blue Blumaroo Toy
  • Stylish Blue Blumaroo Chair

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