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Cog is the Red Shoyru who makes the items sold at her shop Cog's Togs in Moltara City, specialising in heavy duty clothing.

Plot summary[edit]

Main article: Atlas of the Ancients

Roxton met Cog when he arrived in Moltara. She took him to see the Mayor, who explained that machine which kept the planet's core stable had worn out: this was causing the natural disasters.

The gadgets Roxton, Clara Chatham, and Jordie had retrieved were just the spare parts Cog needed to repair the machine, and she set to work fixing it. When they turned it on, however, a jet of magma burst out of a pipe in the stabilising unit and they couldn't approach to fix it. When Igneot and his Magma Neopets were able to restrain the magma and the pipe replaced, Cog was able to return to the machine and fix it properly, stabilising the core and saving Neopia.

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