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The Werelupe King is the leader of the Werelupes, earning his position through treachery and ruthlessness. He holds his rule in the Werelupe Burrows and will fight anyone who challenges his rule. At his side is his advisor the Werelupe Sage, who is said to have helped the Werelupe King receive his title through his magic. His weapon is a large bone boomerang weapon which doubles as a sword. The Werelupe King holds a long rivalry with Illusen and wishes to her land.

It's assumed by many the Werelupe King was a minion of The Darkest Faerie, but was merely attacking Illusen's Glade when The Darkest Faerie was attacking Meridell as well. This is backed by the fact his land is the only in Meridell unaffected by the Darkest Faerie's magic. Nonetheless, he prevented Illusen from helping Meridell, and led to its corruption by The Darkest Faerie.

Plot summary[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

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Act 1[edit]

The Werelupe King attacked Illusen's Glade, capturing the knights sent by King Skarl. Tormund arrived to help, and the Werelupe King sent Gnarfas to fight him. Halfway through the fight King Altador arrived and knocked Gnarfas unconscious so Tormund could escape, but the Werelupe King stabbed Altador from behind, and stole Illusen's charm while Tormund finished off Gnarfas as he awoke.

Act 3[edit]

The Werelupe King captured Roberta while she and Tormund were searching his lair for Illusen's charm, and Tormund was led to the arena inside against a fight with the Werelupe King. He was defeated, and the werelupes scattered from the lair as Tormund and Roberta took Illusen's charm back.


  • It is said if anyone defeats the Werelupe King they would become the new leader of Werelupes. Due to Tormund's defeat of the Werelupe King, it's uncertain if he is the current ruler or not, because no werelupes pledged allegiance to him afterwards.

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