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Volgoth 2006.gif

Volgoth is an Island Mynci and has been the Right Forward and Team Captain for Mystery Island's Yooyuball team since 2006. Despite a lack of grace and technique, Volgoth is one of the most dominant players in the game. Once he's planted himself in front of the net and gotten his hands on the Yooyuball, his powerful shots are nearly impossible for goalies to stop. Opponents usually double or triple team him, in hopes of either keeping the ball away from the massive Mynci or forcing him to pass it off to an unguarded teammate. While Volgoth tackling abilites are excellent, he isn't a very crafty player and his passing skills are weak.

In 2012, Team Brightvale did a statistic research after Volgoth. They discovered that 84% of the time Volgoth runs right over you. 9% of the time he passes. The other 7% of the time he is distracted by something shiny in the crowd.


  • Volgoth was nominated for both the All-Stars - Forwards award and the Best Scorer award in 2006.