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Taelia, also known as The Snow Faerie, is a unique faerie that lives near the peak of Terror Mountain. She has icy blue eyes, jet black hair, and alabaster skin. She is most often seen wearing a heavy coat of blue and white furs. Her wings are feathered and are the same icy colors as her coat. A kind and caring faerie, Taelia helps Neopets who have gotten lost in the mountain's blistering snowstorms to find there way home.

Taelia is a talented healer and alchemist. She often brings sick and injured Neopets back to her home and helps nurse them back to health, and her magical potions have the ability to lift even the most devious of curses. She often sends Neopets out on quests to bring her back certain items, which she in turn uses to create potions and spells to heal those in trouble.

Hannah and the Ice Caves[edit]

Main article: Hannah and the Ice Caves

At the end of chapter 6, Taelia found an unconscious Mynci at her doorstep. She took pity on the Neopet and brought him into her igloo to warm up. Unfortunately for Taelia, the Mynci was actually the thief Valin. Once in Taelia's house, Valin began to attack the Snow Faerie, and he used a magic wand that was lying around Taelia's house to trap her in a solid block of ice.

Much later, the Keeper of Time freed Taelia from her icy prison. After being freed, Taelia used one of her potions to lift a life-sapping curse that had be placed on Hannah.

The Snow Faerie's Quest[edit]

Main article: Snow Faerie's Quest

Taelia hosts a quest game in which she asks users to bring her food items to use as ingredients in her spells. This game was first released on January 7, 2001. If users bring Taelia the items that she requests within a specified time limit, they are rewarded with a randomly selected snowball, a randomly selected item, and between 1,000 and 2,500 Neopoints.


Portrait 33.png
Snow Faerie
Difficulty: 105Easy · 158Medium · 210Hard Starting HP: 120Easy · 180Medium · 240Hard
Arena: Frost Arena Released: December 5, 2001
Status: Active Challenger ID: 33
Found by: Completing a Snow Faerie Quest

Circlet Of The Snow Faerie
Ice Ring
Level 2 Bubble Beam
Shield of Ice
Snowglobe Staff
Super Ice Sword
Wand of the Snow Faerie
Yellow Snowball

An Icicle.png
An Icicle
Positive Thinking.png
Positive Thinking

Better Than You[edit]

Taelia has been a contestant on Better Than You five times:

Date: March 6, 2008 Oh dear, there's a Snuffly on the mountain that is having a horrible time getting past some local Gabars. Do you think you could lend the poor thing a hand? Guide him safely and I'll give you a Gabar. They are just all over the place these days!
Game: Let It Slide
Score: 3,350
Prize: Gabar

Date: February 12, 2009 Oh dear! That troublesome little Polarchuck has run off to eat more snow. I just know he's going to make himself sick. I don't suppose you could go and keep an eye on him? Just make sure he doesn't eat too much and get a tummy ache. Do your very best and perhaps I'll give you a reward.
Game: Snowmuncher
Score: 10,600
Prize: Snow Kacheek

Date: April 30, 2009 Oh dear, there's a Snuffly that's trying to make his way down the mountain, but the local Gabars are blocking his way. I don't suppose you could lend the poor dear a hand?
Game: Let It Slide
Score: 3,250
Prize: Snow Covered Bush

Date: September 22, 2011 Ah, the good old days, when faeries lived in the clouds and races weren't micromanaged by officious Poogles... oh, hello. We're holding a special cloud race in honour of the Faerie Festival. I've sprained an ankle, so if you'd take my place, I'd appreciate it. Snow Faerie pride and all that. Just... don't lose, okay?
Game: Faerie Cloud Racers
Score: 2,770
Prize: Faerie Orange

Date: April 4, 2013 I'm really too busy saving Neopians from blizzards to race… Oh! You think you're faster than me, Mira? You're going down, Space Faerie!
Game: Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers
Score: 1,000
Prize: Taelia Usuki

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