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Fire Faeries are known for their firey temperaments.

Fire Faeries are one of the six types of faeries that inhabit Neopia. They are associated with the magical element of fire. In general, Fire Faeries have orange eyes, brown or orange hair, and orange wings.

Inhabiting the hotter realms of Neopia, Fire Faeries are fierce, quick-tempered, and mischievous. They love playing tricks and causing havoc, but they hate waiting.

Fire Faerie Quest[edit]

Main article: Faerie Quest

Like other faeries, Fire Faeries will occasionally give users quests using the following random event:

Bg faerieland.jpg
A young Fire Faerie steps forward. "<ITEM NAME>" she blurts. "Oh, I mean, please find me one. Thanks!"

The requested item is randomly selected; however it will always be a clothing item that has a rarity of 69 or less. If the user completes the quest, the Fire Faerie will increase the strength of the user's active Neopet by 3.

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