Year 2

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Year 2
Neopian year: Year 2
Real year: 2000
Neopets' Age: 1

Recently launched just the year before in 1999, enters it's first full year of operation, known as Year 2. This year, Neopets would introduce a variety of iconic features and pets, move it's offices to California, and celebrate it's first birthday on November 15th, 2000.


With it's launch behind it, would begin to blossom into the site it is now with many features, games, and content still seen today.


New Features[edit]

10th. introduces it's New Features section with a news post introducing staff member Doug Hill.

A Yellow Fleye.

Fleye, Lupe, Elephante[edit]

11th. - A new pet "Fleye" (Now known as Buzz) is introduced.

12th. - A temporary feature "Custom Shopkeepers" is implemented.

13th. - The Lupe and Elephante are introduced to the site.

Faeries & Trading Cards[edit]

14th. - Faeries are spotted in Neopia, and begin to give out Faerie Quests.

21st. - The iconic Neopets Logo was was created.

24th. - Trading Cards have been added to site after users submitted their card ideas.

Polypup & Neopian Times[edit]


  • The first issue of the Neopian Times is released.
  • A new pet known as 'Polypup' (Now Gelert) is introduced.


Fighting Area, Peophin, Filters[edit]

8th. - First word of the "Fighting Arena" is spoken, which would later become the Battledome.

10th. - Peophins are introduced as the first of then limited edition pets.

18th. - Block function is added to site, along with word filters to prevent profanity and swearing.

Beauty Expo & SDB[edit]

21st. - Neopets launches the 'Beauty Expo' (Beauty Contest) site feature.



'The Light Faerie' Fyora.

Wishing, Badeek Seek & Tower of the Light Faerie[edit]


  • The Wishing Well appears and begins to grant wishes to eight lucky Neopians everyday.
  • Badeek Seek (Now known as Kacheek Seek) is introduced after a demand to bring back a sponsor game with a similar function.
  • The Soup Kitchen opens for business.

16th. - The majestic Light Faerie (Fyora) opens the 'The Tower of the Light Faerie' (Hidden Tower).

Guilds, Loans, and Police[edit]


23rd. - Guilds begin to appear in Neopia, and users can create or join one if they please.


When Adam and Donna left their former office, it became a Pub.

Welcome to Glendale[edit]


  • Adam and Donna relocate their office from the United Kingdom to Glendale California.
  • Users now have the ability to own four pets rather than two.

15th. - The Easter Cybunny first appears on the site, and begins to randomly hand out Neggs to users.

16th. - Adam and Donna begin to search for other staff members to help keep up the site, and Sweets is hired.

The Neocam[edit]

19th. - The FrogStomp (Now Quiggle) is introduced after user Iriss won the "Create a pet" competition.


  • The Shoyru is introduced in Neopia.
  • Despite protest from fellow staff, Donna successfully adds the Neocam to the site.


27th. - won an award for best site in Australia.



Old purple paintbrush.png

Colours & 500,000 Users[edit]

1st. - The Caption Competition goes live.

3rd. - Adam adds a warning system to the site.

9th. - Neo Comics, the precursor to The Neopian Times user-submitted comics appear.


Misc. & TNT[edit]

16th. - Kiko Match is added to the site.

21st. - The staff refer to themselves as The Neopets Team for the first time.

25th. - The Zafara and Blumaroo appear in Neopia.


7th. - A new pet, Techo is introduced.

22nd - Flotsam and Jetsam receive makeovers.


30th. - The Neopets Team releases an article on 'The Pets That Never Made It'.


Weddings & Cybunnies[edit]

4th - The Neopets Team promises a feature allowing Pet Engagements and Weddings, though this never happens.

7th - The Neopets Team announces their plans for a live Neocam after they paint a Neopets Mural in their office.


13th. - The Scorchio gets a makeover.

The Poogle, Evolution[edit]

14th. - Poogles appear in Neopia.

18th. - NeoCircles launch.

19th. - The Polypup becomes a Gelert and the Tigren becomes an Acara.

24th. - The Fleye becomes a Buzz.

25th. - The FrogStomp becomes a Quiggle.


  • The Macy Gray becomes a Kau.
  • celebrates 2,000,000 Neopets created.

Flash Game[edit]

28th. - The first ever flash game, Techo Says is launched.


Old techo says.png

Stock Market[edit]

2nd. - The Stock Market goes into alpha testing.


'Customize', Reviews & Kougra[edit]


11th. - Theme Parks open.


Nigel stock crash.png

Mumbo Pango, JubJub, Grundo[edit]


23rd. - The JibJib becomes a JubJub.


Moehog, Usul, Cooking Pot[edit]


31st - The Magical Cooking Pot launches.


Ice cream blitz logo.png

More Faeries, Gallery of Evil & Ice Cream[edit]

6th. - Uber Faeries appear on site.

12th. - The Gallery of Evil opens.

14th. - Ice Cream Blitz (Now Ice Cream Machine) appears on site.

Gormball, Trading, and Petpets[edit]

23rd. - Gormball launches.


26th. - The Nimmo is re designed.

27th. - Petpets make their debut.


The Battledome & Koi[edit]


6th. - The Koi are discovered in Maraqua.

10th. - The Britannica Robot Challenge and Sub Game were temporarily launched.

12th. - updated it's Terms & Conditions.

Halloween World[edit]

18th. - The 'Halloween World' (Haunted Woods) is discovered.

19th. - The Brain Tree and Esophagor appear.

26th. - celebrates 5,000,000 created Neopets.

31st. - The Acara receives another makeover.


Zafara & Pokémon, Secret Lab[edit]

1st. - The Zafara receives a makeover.

8th. - boasts the addition of two new Pokémon games, Pika Seek and Pokémon Match.

9th. - New Guild competition arrives.

10th. - Sacrificers ends, and Donna wins.

13th. - The Secret Laboratory Map is released.

One Year Old[edit]



Campfire, Six Million, Winter World & Merchandise[edit]

17th. - The Neopian Camp Fire (Story Telling Competition) opens.

23rd. - celebrates 6,000,000 created Neopets.

24th. - Winter World (Happy Valley, Ice Caves and Terror Mountain) opens.

29th. - The Battledome goes into Alpha Testing.

30th. - The Neopets Team runs a poll asking if users would buy real-life merchandise, which proves to be successful.


Morphing, Neggs & NST[edit]

5th. - The first ever Morphing Potion appears onsite.

6th. - The Neggery and Negg Faerie appear.

7th. - The Neopets Team establishes NST, Neopian Standard Time.

Donna, 1 Billion Neopoints & Adam[edit]

10th. - Donna celebrates her 22nd birthday.

18th. - The Neopets Team celebrates a successful year with a 1 Billion Neopoint giveaway.

19th. - celebrates 5 Million registered users.

20th. - Adam celebrates his birthday.

30th. - The One Billion Neopoint Giveaway is completed.


This year saw establish it's foundation and become what it is today. The first Plots and Paint Brushes appeared, The Neopets Team settled in Glendale California, and numerous site features were implemented that still exist today.

New Pets[edit]

17 new species were discovered this year, with 14 occurrences of pets receiving makeovers/name changes.

Pet Name Release Pet Name Release
'Fleye' (Buzz)
11th January
13th January
13th January
'Polypup' (Gelert)
25th January
10th February
'FrogStomp' (Quiggle)
19th April
20th April
'Tigren' (Acara)
28th April
25th May
25th May
7th June
22nd June
22nd June
10th July
13th Junel
14th July
Polypup becomes Gelert
19th July
Tigren becomes Acara
19th July
Fleye becomes Buzz
24th July
FrogStomp becomes Quiggle
25th July
Macy Gray becomes Kau
26th July
'Tiger Cub' Kougra
9th August
JibJib becomes JubJub
23rd August
24th August
29th August
29th August
26th September
6th October
31st October
1st November
15th November

New Games & Features[edit]

X Games & General Site Features were founded this year.

Name Release
14th January
Trading Card Collecting
24th January
25th January
21st February
29th January
29th January
8th March
8th March
8th March
23rd March
28th March
1st May
10th May
16th May
29th June
10th July
18th July
28th July
2nd August
9th August
11th August
29th August
14th September
23rd September
25th September
27th September
1st October
10th October
Sub Game
10th October
10th October
9th November
9th November
15th November
17th November
29th November
5th December
6th December
7th December

Characters, Worlds & Events[edit]

Name Date
8th March
'Light Faerie' (Fyora)
16th March
15th April
29th June
2nd August
3rd August
16th August
16th August
16th August
18th August
23rd September
1st October
1st October
18th October
18th October
18th October
24th November
6th December
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