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The Techo Master practises martial arts.

The Techo Master is a wise Green Techo warrior who lives on Mystery Island. He allows other Neopets to come study under him at the Mystery Island Training School in return for rare rocks known as codestones. He dispenses wisdom - and sometimes jokes - in proverbs.

Plot summary[edit]

Mystery Island Volcano[edit]

The Techo Master turned to stone.
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The Techo Master was the second person to disappear in the Mystery Island Volcano plot. There were signs of a great struggle at the Training School, with furniture knocked over and holes burnt into the walls. He was eventually discovered inside the mouth carved into Techo Mountain, but was turned to stone. Players could restore him by performing the correct martial arts moves in the correct order. He revealed his was one of the guardians of the island and his magic word was "magma".

Random Event[edit]

The Techo Master appears in a Random Event where the player finds a codestone.

Bg mystery island3.jpg
You happen across a mystical codestone and promptly pick it up. Time for training!
Techo master shh.png

Better Than You[edit]

Techo Master has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: August 28, 2008 One must be quick of mind in addition to possessing physical agility to master the ways of combat. Practice here, prove yourself, then return to me for a reward.
Game: Techo Says
Score: 305
Prize: Square Stepping Stone

Date: January 15, 2009 To overcome an opponent and complete a task you must first focus and quiet your mind. Only then do you have a chance to emerge victorious. Come, challenge me and we shall see if you are ready!
Game: The Buzzer Game
Score: 640
Prize: Clockwork Techo


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