Spooky Food Eating Contest

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Spooky Food Eating Contest (2013)[edit]

Mysterious Dapper Chomby[edit]

This fellow strangely appeared on a Tumblr page on or around September 19, 2013:


Spooky Food Eating Contest[edit]

This lead into the Spooky Food Eating Contest which began on September 24, 2013

At the beginning of the spooky food eating contest.

The contestants were (From left to Right) Moloch, Scarlet, Myrtle, and Turfy. Neopians could select one of the four contestants to cheer on.

Once your selection was made, you could not change your selection. From there, you could cheer your chosen contestant or boo the other contestants. You were required to wait at least 5 minutes between each cheer or boo up to 24 times per day. Various prizes ranging from garbage to Zombie Paint Brushes were randomly handed out for each cheer or boo and a full list can be found below. There were a total of seven days of cheering/booing.

Scarlet was the winner with 80 points. And a day later... she mutated.

Just after the conclusion of the spooky food eating contest.

On October 4, 2013, something happened! The place was deserted and the table was a wreck:

Aftermath of the spooky food eating contest.

On October, 30, 2013, the Monster was captured.


  • Apple Scone
  • Bearog Claw
  • Blue Chomby Plushie
  • Blue Eyrie Plushie
  • Elephante Eraser
  • Eyeball Cupcake
  • Fright Pop
  • Gooey Rotton Pumpkin
  • Green Eyrie Plushie
  • Green Xweetok Plushie
  • Purple Moehog Plushie
  • Purple Yurble Plushie
  • Red Skeith Plushie
  • Red Tencals
  • Robot Moehog Plushie
  • Spider on a String
  • Talon Root
  • Turkey Monster
  • Yellow Eyrie Plushie
  • Zombie Paint Brush