Sir Pollonaire Freidl

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Sir Pollonaire Freidl 2006.gif

Sir Pollonaire Freidl is a Green Shoyru and was the Goalkeeper and Team Captain of Meridell's Yooyuball team in 2006 and 2007. He was replaced by Yoris Obbles in 2008.

Despite his noble background, Sir Pollonaire Freidl is quite humble. A fan of the game ever since adolescence, he has earned the respect of fans by working tirelessly for years to become one of the game's greatest goalkeepers. Freidl is a tough and consistent player, though he his hindered by his lack of guarding skills.


  • Freidl was nominated for the All Stars - Goalkeeper award in the 2006 games.
  • Freidl was awarded for the Dream Team - Goalkeeper position by the Neopian Times in the 2007 games.