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The Scout.

Scout, also known as the Cybunny Scout or just The Scout, is a 16 year old Yellow Cybunny and a spy for The Resistance. Scout is witty and dedicated to the Resistance's cause. She is quite good with a ray gun and has developed something of a rivalry with Ylana Skyfire.

Plot summary[edit]

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

Main article: The Return of Dr. Sloth

As the story opens, Scout is being chased by Ylana Skyfire, who has been paid by Dr. Sloth to take out the Resistance spy. Fleeing through a maintenance pipe, Scout managed to escape from Ylana. She then made her way toward a large common area where she was supposed to meet up with her Resistance contact, Gorix. However, before she could meet with Gorix, Dr. Sloth's troops, lead by Commander Garoo, attacked the space station. In the ensuing chaos, Gorix accidently fled with Cylara instead of Scout. Trapped with the rest of captured civilians, Scout pretended to be Cylara in order to hide her identity from Sloth's troops.

Cylara and Gorix help the injured Scout get back to Resistance Headquarters.
Scout and the rest of the civilians were later rescued by a small team of Resistance fighters lead by Gorix. These fighters were able to hold back Sloth's troops long enough to get all of the civilians to a transport shuttle that would evacuate them to Neopia. However, as the last of the civilians were being loaded onto the shuttle, Scout and Gorix were attacked by Ylana. Ylana was able to shoot Scout in the foot, injuring her and leaving her wide open to attack. Cylara, seeing her new friend in trouble, gave up her chance to board the transport shuttle and instead tackled Ylana from behind, throwing the bounty hunter off balance. Seizing the opportunity, Gorix fired some shots from his laser gun which pushed back Ylana, allowing himself, Cylara, and Scout to escape.

After avoiding some Garoo Elite Strike Commanders by clinging to some pipes on the ceiling, Scout, Cylara, and Gorix were able to make their way back to Resistance Headquarters. Once they arrived, Scout informed Commander Valka and the rest of the Resistance that she believed that Sloth had had a hand in starting the current civil war between the Grundos on Kreludor and that he was mostly likely after the Kreludite in the Grundos' mines. Scout also revealed that she was able to obtain a disc of Sloth's experimental data during her last reconnaissance mission. This data was promptly sent Werther, who was able to analyze it and determine that Sloth planned on using the Kreludite that he stole from the Grundos' mines to mutate Neopets and create an army.

After hearing this information, Valka asked the injured Scout to stay at the Resistance Headquarters and rest. A while later, resistance operatives detected a large fleet of Sloth's ships heading toward Kredulor. They also received a transmission from the Space Faerie who informed them that her token was aboard Sloth's ship and that if someone could to get ahold of the token, she could give them the incantation to use its magic. Scout passed this information along to Gorix and Cylara, who warned the Grundos of the approaching fleet and then headed towards Sloth's ship to retrieve the token.

Meanwhile, in order to take back control of the space station, Valka and the resistance fighters attacked Commander Garoo and his troops. During this battle, Scout saw Ylana on one of the headquarter's monitors, which prompted her to rush into the fray despite her injuries. Scout was able to sneak up behind the Acara bounty hunter amidst the chaotic battle, and the two engaged in an evenly matched fight. This fight abruptly ended when Sloth's ship was destroyed, and Ylana, knowing that there was now no one to pay her, decided to teleport away.

In the last page of the comic, Scout met up with Gorix and Cylara, who had just returned from defeating Dr. Sloth. Gorix, who up to this point had just been calling Scout "the scout", asked Scout what her name was. Scout told him her name and then jokingly scolded Gorix for not knowing it after working with her for so long.

Defenders of Neopia Series 2[edit]

Main article: Defenders of Neopia

After her spaceship's engine malfunctioned, Scout crash landed in Tyrannia. During the crash, she hit her head, which caused her to hallucinate and see giant bug monsters. Believing that these imaginary monsters were trying to attack her, Scout started wildly blasting her ray gun. Fearful of Scout's erratic behavior, one of local Tyrannian citizens called the Defenders of Neopia, and Judge Hog quickly dispatched Dr. Flexo to the scene. Dr. Flexo attempted to talk to Scout, but he instead ended up startling her, causing her to shoot a nearby canyon wall which caused rocks to avalanche down on a nearby group of Tyrannians. After Dr. Flexo saved the Tyrannians from the falling rocks, the delirious Scout concluded that he must be the leader of the bug monsters and started attacking the flexible Blue Chia. By blasting at him with her gun, Scout forced Dr. Flexo to bob and weave until he tied himself in a knot. It is only after the user defeated Scout in the Battledome that Dr. Flexo was finally able to get her under control.

Defenders of Neopia Profile
  • Age - 16
  • Difficulty - 90
  • Last Seen - Dr. Sloth's Space Station
  • Favourite Game - Moon Rock Rampage
  • Renowned For - Her witty remarks during battle.
  • Description - Yellow female Cybunny, wearing an orange and purple space suit. Has unfinished business with Ylana and is quite good with a ray gun.
Scout je841.gif


Portrait 185.png
Cybunny Scout
Difficulty: 90Easy · 113Medium · 158Hard Starting HP: 90Easy · 113Medium · 158Hard
Arena: Ugga Dome Released: July 2, 2010
Status: Active Challenger ID: 185
Found by: Viewing her TCG Card.

Combo Battle Mirror
Fungus Ray
Goo Blaster
Green Scorchstone
Melting Mirror
Meteor Bomb
Thyoras Tear
Tyrannian Lupe Tooth

Lens Flare.png
Lens Flare
Static Cling.png
Static Cling

Better Than You[edit]

Scout has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: August 5, 2010 Gorix just radioed for help, but I've got giant brain-eating bugs chasing me, so this mission is all yours, recruit! Get out there and help direct Gorix and his friend safely away from the Space Station, all right?
Game: Escape to Kreludor
Score: 1,365
Prize: Cloned Corn


  • A Usuki doll of Scout was released on March 13, 2008.
  • The Cybunny Scout was a candidate for the Best Hero category during the 2008 Neopies.

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