Sakhmet (NeoQuest II)

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In NeoQuest II, Sakhmet is where the party starts the Lost Desert act. Nearby the city compound, lies a village which are huts that the party could individually enter. You will be dumped into another map when you exit a hut.



  • Advisor Weehteb: An Aisha advisor who tells the players about Lost Desert and helps the players with enabling the artifacts.
  • Princess Vyssa: A Usul princess who tells the players the quests they need to complete.
  • Phebiya: A Korbat scholar who gives the players details about how to complete the quests.
  • Guard Seryn: A Techo guard guarding the entrance to the Sakhmet palace.
  • Guard Yorat: A Techo guard guarding the entrance to the Sakhmet palace.
  • Guard Yabara A Techo guard guarding the stairs to the second floor and forbidding anyone to go upstairs.

The huts[edit]

  • Zesenip: A Jubjub talking about them being confined to their homes because of the sandstorm.
  • Jadon: The Eyrie son of Zesenip and Ndomi, hoping for the sandstorm finally being gone so they can go treasure hunting.
  • Ndomi: Ndomi's Gelert mother confused about Jadon's eagerness to go outside despite him complaining about going outside before the sandstorm.
  • Sabaliz: A Tuskaninny merchant who sells the players weapons and armour.
  • Khib: The inn-keeper of the Sakhmet huts. The rooms cost 350 gold.
  • Selasa: A Draik who came to the desert saw an ad about the land in Lost Desert being cheap, but immediately regretting the decision because of the sandstorm.
  • Rathuah: A Chomby merchant who sells all types of potions.
  • Chimukh: A Skeith merchant who sells sand to scam money.
  • Krali: Chimukh's wife who dislikes Chimukh's overreacting about the sandstorm.