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It is a little known fact that some of the worst thieves around Neopia are comprised of a band of the cutest denizens. Aishas. Two of them, Purrow and Meesha, are among the worst. Living in dark passages connected to the sewers under the city of Neopia Central, they roam by night, stealing what valuable trinkets they can find.

As of now, only 2 members of around 20 of the Aisha Thieves are universally known. These two are called Purrow and Meesha. Judging by the Neopedia article, we can be moderately sure that Purrow is the higher ranking of the two thieves. This is because he is the one that appears to be giving the orders. Of course, he may just be arrogant, so we may never know.


  • The Aisha Thieves were the subject of the first ever Neopedia article.

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