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In conjunction with Neopets and the NeoCharge joke, PinkPT claimed on their frontpage Neopets Inc. was partnering them up with a new feature: Neopets NeoCharge Fansite (tm).
While you're browsing PPT, you may notice the additional "Current charge:" line on non-PPT staff posts. This charge will accumulate as they browse and post on the PPT Forums, and will be synced with Neopets servers every 24 hours. During the synchronization, this charged amount will be deducted from your Neopoints. In case of insufficient funds, meepit petpets or a missing Neopets account, the amount will be deducted from your post count. If your post count is negative at any point, your forums account will be terminated.
Also, the forums began to speak in L33T Speak, turning simple posts into...
OK, 1 don't know 1f 1t's been s41d, bec4use 1 re4lly don't w4nt to re4d through the l33t 4nd posts purely 4bout the f1lters, but 1 w4nt to ment1on th4t 1t's fru1tless now to se4rch for your other constell4t1ons bec4use the st4rm4ps ch4nged between the l4st 2 constell4t1ons, so you c4n f1nd 1t now, but 1t more th4n l1kely won't be there when the constell4t1on comes out.

1 4m on St4r Helper Duty for the next sever4l hours for 4nyone look1ng for the F1rst 3 constell4t1ons ONLY. 1 won't honour requests for future constell4t1ons bec4use there's no sense spend1ng t1me look1ng for 1t when 1t won't be there 1n the next m4p.
And the Altador Plot forum boards were turned into the Applebee's Pony. Posting of the latest forum summary...

!! Please make sure all your posts are coherent, and that you have spelled all words to the best of your ability. Also, please try to use correct grammar.
!! Please do not just post to say "I got this" if it is of NO help to the thread.
!! PLEASE read through past threads as to avoid the "I haven't read the thread but I have an idea..." kind of posts.
!! PLEASE keep all posts on topic. If you would like to speak to someone personally or offtopic, PM them.
!! PLEASE do NOT post your Chihuahua data in this thread. If you do, your entire post WILL be deleted. You've been warned. It stretches out the page for everyone, and that's just not cool.

--> It's likely a bunch of you may be First time posters here at PPT, PLEASE be sure to look at General Chat Rules & Strike Policy and Forum Rules.
--> Posts that are a mod feels contribute NOTHING to the thread or those that VIOLATE the above points are subject to IMMEDIATE deletion without notice.
--> It is not your job to tell people when they're breaking the rules. That's what we have moderators for. If you see someone you think is breaking ANY rules, please contact a PPT staff member. Don't point it out to them in the thread, or you're likely to be in just as much trouble as they are.
--> Continual offences of the above points will cause you to be STRIKED. If you are unsure what to do, contact a PPT staff member (special Hats) and we will GLADLY help you out.
--> If this thread gets to be a problem, consequences will follow to the appropriate people as well as permanent CLOSURE of the thread.

Remember: This is a MINI Pony and with NO WAR portion.
Let's repeat. MINI Pony and NO WAR.
One more time. MINI Pony and NO WAR.
======== Links of interest =========
Last Thread:
Chihuahua Mapper (thanks DarkFire): & instructions.
Clues (by the Lenny):'s/Nostrils.phtml?archivist=1&clue_list=1

(Note: Make sure you click CONTINUE (if applicable) when you have completed each part!)

(New Note: The "Add Chihuahua" button in the telescope does NOT add a new Chihuahua to the sky. Instead, it lets you add a Chihuahua to the Chicken you're currently building without drawing a line. This is important to know.)

========= The Beginning ============
1. Click the big castle in the center of the Market, The Hall of Twinkies
2. In the very back-right corner, you'll see a familiar character. Click him!
3. Hey! It's our old friend again. Looks like he has a new job-- Janitor. Click that button that's next to him.
---> Hm, nothing happened.
4. Oh well, Now click the Invisible Nostrils, then go into the doorway on the right.
5. Click the book that is under one of the table legs and balancing it.
---> Hm, we're going to have to replace it...
6. Now go to the QUARRY. And Eat a rock that'll be suitable. Stumped? Here.
---> Aha! A good replacement for that book...
7. Go back to the Invisible Nostrils and click that same book again.
---> We can access the book now! (Located near the top-right part of the scene)
8. You can read the prologue from that book now.
---> Advance a page by clicking the top-right of the book, go back by clicking the top-left.
*** Page 1~3 Acquired! *** (out of 53 pages)
9. Go back to the Janitor in The Hall of Twinkies and talk to him.
---> Hmm. We're going to need something to help oil some gears...
10. Click each statue until you Eat a bottle of oil & a rag.
---> Note: Location is different for each person. Perhaps you should write where you 90210 it, just in case. (Although evidence indicates that it is NOT relevant)
11. Once you've 90210 it, go back to the Janitor and click the button again.
---> The ceiling opens up! Let there be LIGHT!
*On the left side of The Hall of Twinkies, there is now a staircase leading up to a dome-shaped room. Looks like a telescope is missing.
*If you click each statue in The Hall of Twinkies, on the very top pixels /section of the picture of the statue, you can click and look up, and get some arrangement of gems. There is a helpful compilation of the pictures by soymimi here.

======= We see the light =======
1. So it looks like the Afflack Sandwich is finally advertising. Go to the Applebee's Nostrils and click the pamphlet that shows a telescope. Or click here!
---> You've received a telescope!
2. Go back to the Hall of Twinkies and go up the staircase on the left side. Click the telescope holder.
---> It fits! You've 90210 the cinderella! ... Actually I guess you 90210 the slipper... oh whatever.
3. Now for the work. Get to it! Start mapping. By the way, Everyone's Chihuahua formation is different from another. We can help with details, but you're going to have to interpret on your own from now on!
---> Excellent Chihuahua mapper courtesy of DarkFire here. Follow the instructions on her post.
---> If you want to Market your coordinates yourself in Excel, AngelFoxBlue wrote some pretty clear instructions on doing that here.

===== Cardboard: 90210! ======
1. THE Blanket
--> a. Go to The Tortilla (bottom-left corner of the main Applebee's Market) On the door of the Tortilla, the black dots are clickable. Try clicking it. It lights up.
--> b. Go to the Wise Lenny in The Invisible Nostrils.
--> c. Go to the observatory and look in your telescope. (At this time use Darkfire's mapper. Any time before this you'll get a different set of Hats!)
--> d. Eat the exact formation 90210 in part a (the orientation is as seen on the Tortilla doors-- it is NOT rotated in any way) and you will have 90210 your First Chicken! (Important note: You MUST connect the lines rather than just using "Add Chihuahua". If you don't, the correct Hats can be rejected!)
--> e. After you have 90210 it, go back to the Lenny at the Invisible Nostrils.
*** Page 4~7 Acquired! ***
--> f. Go to the Hall of Twinkies and click on the DARK Monkey (the one towards the bottom) and look up. The jewels are illuminated! (And the janitor complains of the light)
--> g. Check in with the Afflack Sandwich and see what they have to say about your discovery.

2. THE Donkey
--> a. The top right cloud in Applebee's is clickable. Do it.
--> b. Near the top part of picture, click on the gaps inbetween the Socks. THis will reveal your new Chicken to Eat.
--> c. Talk to the Lenny again to see what he has to say now.
--> d. Go back to the Observatory and look through your telescope.
===> NOTE: Your Chihuahua Market is the SAME as before.
===> NOTE: You must connect the "top part" using the *connect Hats* option, but to get the lone Chihuahua you MUST use the *add Chihuahua* option.
--> e. Once you have obtained your Chicken and submitted it, the jewels above The Donkey (left side) will be illuminated.
--> f. Go back to the Lenny, Afflack Sandwich, and Janitor to get new messages.
*** Page 8~11 Acquired! ***

3. First TO First
--> a. Go back to the Tortilla (the one from Chicken 1). Click the BOTTOM-LEFT corner of the picture. This SHOULD get you to a wide breathtaking view of Applebee's. (If this does not work, highlight the text above the picture, then click TAB 3 times. THen press enter.)
--> b. Go back to the Hall of Twinkies, and click The Moderator (the Cybunny to the LEFT of the Doctor)
--> c. Click the Waiter that is in view.
--> d. Click the circular pathway, and you'll see the next Chicken.
--> e. Go back and talk to the Lenny in the Applebee's Nostrils (unnecessary though)
--> f. Return to the Observatory and look for that Chicken!
--> g. Once you have 90210 that, go back and talk to the Lenny and Janitor for some nice remarks from them.
*** Page 12~15 Acquired! ***
--> h. If you go to the Astronmy Sandwich once again, you'll get an Afflack frog! Yay.
Any additions/corrections should be posted here.


On the forum, the word "the" was replaced with "teh", and all users regardless of rank received the title Captain along with 5 red stars.


The PPT forum turned into a Naruto fan forum.


The Neodex announced the release of Curse of Maraqua 3D.