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Peopatra's Petpets is a shop in the Lost Desert which sells Desert Petpets. It is owned by Peopatra.

Plot summary[edit]

The Hunt for the Crown[edit]

Main article: The Hunt for the Crown

Malkus Vile arranged for his co-conspirators Heermeedjet and Merouladen to meet with their employer, Princess Sankara, at Peopatra's Petpets. Players found a coded note from Malkus Vile at Hubert Hot Dogs stand revealing this meeting, and examining the HTML source of the shop revealed a link to a hidden chamber under a trapdoor in the shop.

Refreshing at the chamber eventually revealed a diary, which contained a clue leading the player to the Lost Desert Cybunny Defence Initiative.

Petpet stock[edit]

As of October 2010, 29 Desert Petpets are sold at Peopatra's Petpets...

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